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  1. Hey guys, I'm looking for a used XR650R. My question is are their any years to stay away from? From reading some posts here,i haven't found common problems associated with a certain year. Thanks for your advise in advance.
  2. 49009

    Parting out My YZ426F

    how much for the motor??
  3. 49009

    Parting out My YZ426F

    is the motor available??
  4. 49009

    engine swap

    does anyone know if a motor from a 2003 yzf 450 fit into a 2002 yzf 426 frame.if so,is it an easy swap.what else do you have to change??thanks
  5. 49009

    aprils moto-x school

    $300.00 for 2 days.the school is located in lisbon ohio.the track is great and gary rides like a wildman.you'll have a blast.
  6. 49009

    Any mx schools?

    it's going to be well worth it for you to drive alittle further for quality instruction.i just got back from garys april class(i live in michigan)and i have no doubts that i'll go next year.i'm sure after his class you'll not be so concerned about the 6 hours.
  7. i just got back from garys moto cross school. when i first signed up i had my doubts about going,becouse it's been 25 years since i had a dirt bike. i was concerned about my lack of riding time and if peer pressure would come into play,when it came to riding. all i have to say is regardless of your ability, this is a great school to attend.(even though we got rained out on sat.) gary is a great instructor and a great rider. never demanding more than what your willing to attempt. there were some very good riders,all seemed more than willing to help if you needed anything.if anyone is even thinking about going to a school to sharpen and hone there skills,or to learn the proper technique i highly recommend this class.
  8. could anyone help me with a source that would have a chain and sprocket set for a 2002 426.i cecked rocky mountain and there sold out,along with motosport outlet.i'm just looking for stock sprockets and an X chain.thanks.
  9. 49009

    won't start

    i checked my air filter when i gave her a shot of starting fluid.she's clean.wednesday i'll clean the carb and put in fresh gas and see what happens
  10. 49009

    won't start

    i don't know if there is water in the gas or not.i have wednesday off and i'll put fresh gas in it and clean the carb.thanks for the suggestions.
  11. 49009

    won't start

    where do i go from here.i have a 2002 426. i live in michigan.acouple of weeks ago i went riding.since then the weather got cold and snowed alot.now it seems like spring is finally here.so i went to start my bike,and nothing .it wouldn't start.i thought i may have flooded it,so i changed the plug,still nothing.i bought a hotter plug and gave her a shot of starting fluid,still nothing.it has spark,it's getting fuel.help!!
  12. 49009

    dented muffler

    yes i noticed it before i bought it.my friend raced it for a year,it is pretty clean.i was just wondering about the dent.the dent is located on the inside bottom.(closest to the tire)it doesn't show unless you look for it.i was just wondering if it hampered the performance.thanks
  13. 49009

    dented muffler

    i just bought a 2002 426.i noticed that there is a large dent in the muffler.i was wondering if it will affect the performance.if so should i drill out the rivots and remove the dents.thanks
  14. 49009

    Gary Semics

    hey gary, i'm new to this forum and after years of not riding a dirt bike,i just bought a 2002 426.i've been riding a sportbike for the last few years and was hoping you could give me some direction on what would be the best class you offer for me.i would like to give racing a go for fun ,but i would really like to practice the right techinques to be a smooth rider.thanks for your help.