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  1. 911Rider

    crf450x (currently own a WR, should I get the 450X?)

    Dont know where you are in Cali, but if you are in SoCal I have a extremely well put together 2005 X I am considering selling. If your deposit is down then your probably committed, but my bike is plated just got my new sticker for 08. Bike is clean, has everything, low miles and well cared for.
  2. I'll agree with the lighter feel, but not with the line about more power. Ive done a little work on my X but even stock I think it had a little on the XC. It seemed to me that the XC's power is in the higher rpms, and down low it is a little weak. Just my opinion after riding both. I find you have to ride the bikes differently, body position, rpms, etc. Question for xc guys, is changing the cam an option on the xc, cant recall hearing about it, but it is fairly common on the X.
  3. 911Rider

    does anyone know if the X cam is the same as the R

    I put the R cam in and also had the carburetor modified at Tokyo Mods, and there is a significant difference in my bike. I also put on a power bomb with the Q2, end result is the bikes motor rips. I was out this weekend and swapped rides with a WR450 and a KTM 450XC, first thing each guys said after getting off my bike was how strong the motor was. First thing I noticed was how tame those bikes felt. Have to admit I liked the feel of the KTM a lot, but the motor seemed kinda weak down low, and the suspension is pretty harsh. Back to the point, Get the R cam it helps.
  4. Honda. If you have never ridden a KTM I suggest you do it first. While they are getting closer to the Japenese bikes, they still have a different feel to them. Personally I think the Honda handles better than any other bike. I also think the suspension is the best. If you are in Southern California, get the Honda and take it to Tokyo Mods and have the carb mod done. Bike will bark and the power is all you will need. I dont see people on KTM's flying by Honda's, or any other bike for that matter at the track. Handling and suspension give you the ability to ride fast. It seems the people who complain about the Honda reliabilty are those who own other brands, or had a 2004 250. Do the maintenance and try not to live on the rev limiter and the bike will be fine. Current bikes are solid and the fit and finish is top notch. Just my opinion.
  5. 911Rider

    Baja Trips?

    Dont pay all that money. Get a couple of dependable friends and do it yourself. Start in San Felipe. Drive down, stay the night at any decent hotel. Then head south through Puertocitos (50 miles or so), good place to stop and have a cold one. If Cow pattys is open go there. You can ride the road or take the beach or ride the desert adjacent to the road. From Puertocitos take the road south down to Gonzaga Bay (70 miles or so) and stay at Alphonsinos. It is right on the beach and they will fill you full of fish tacos like you cant believe. The next day go south about 20 miles and see Coco's Corner. Coco is a classic. Go back to Gonzaga and eat more fish tacos and beer. Then head back to San Felipe. A perfect 4 or 5 day trip. The riding isnt real technical, but you will come across some good people and have a great time. Just dont go now--its way too hot, wait until mid Ocotber or next april. If your not sure of the route stick to the main road south of Puertocitos and you can not get lost. If you have someone with experience and are up to it, try to ride some of the baja route. Just make sure your arent going when guys are down there testing and preping for thea race. Those big ass trucks will run you over. Take some supplies to fix flats and make sure your bikes are mechanically sound and you will have an epic adventure. Good luck 911
  6. Just got my plate for 2005 CRF450X yesterday. Ended up with dual registration for on highway (plate) and off highway (green sticker). Thanks KCT for the advice you supplied. What ended up with my situation was going to the right DMV. One shut me down, but the next one, which I had heard was "better", signed me up with no problems and nothing but smiles.
  7. 911Rider

    Which bike for kid?

    Thanks for all the input. He seemed real comfortable on a crf 50 last year so I know he can handle that, but I think he would max it out pretty quick. I think I need to seat test him on some of the slightly bigger bikes to see which fits him best. I defintely will go used if I can. I figure no matter what I get him at his growth rate its probably a 2year deal at best. Either way good times are headed his (our) way.
  8. I've got a 7 1/2 year old boy who weighs about 52 lbs. A year ago he road his friends crf50 and did fine. Currently he looks like he might fit on a yamaha pw80. What bike would be the best for a kid like this? I think the no clutch automatic is best. The 50 has little wheels and it seemed like whenever he hit any sand he went down ( we were at Ocotillo Wells on the north side where there is a little sand). The pw80 has bigger wheels so maybe it is more stable. What do ya think? thanks
  9. 911Rider

    250 vs 450s

    If your getting a bike specifically for the track, then go with the 250 four stroke unless your riding ability is above intermediate as a racer. Just pipe it and get the carb tuned on the 250 and it will rip. You will never use the 450s motor on a track. It is more fun to ride a 250 hard, than going 3/4's on a 450. Plus if you dont have a lot of track experience, and you get some arm pump going--which leads to whiskey throttle, that 450 will bite you in the ass.
  10. 911Rider

    Oh my...these stupid radiator guards!

    I have the works connection guards and the first hard hit they took they crumpled like a cheap suit. So basically I paid 50 bucks for them and still had to roll out 150 for a new radiator. I dont know if any guard would of survived, but the works connection guard did not impress me. I pounded that POS back into shape and reinstalled it though
  11. The Ford dealer by me, Capistrano Ford, has one of those monsters outfront right now. It has a full lift kit from Outlaw Offroad and is friggin ridiculous looking. You bring that bad boy home and the old lady would sh#t a brick.
  12. 911Rider

    A day at a Supercross event?

    Out here at Anaheim its an all day event. If you taigate, and your wife likes to tailgate, then go early and BBQ etc. Most people meet up in a group and bring an RV or at least a suburban loaded down with food, radio, tv, etc. If your gonna take her make it fun. Out here it is a pretty edgy crowd, lots of tatoos, piercings and gals with minimal clothing, so as long as your wife doesnt get too uptight about that its all good.
  13. 911Rider

    Rider Survey

    2005 CRF 250R 5'11 170 50/50 Trail/ MX 37
  14. 911Rider

    Truck Campers

    Ya, it did have a heater and did pretty well in the rain. I got caught in a pretty good rain storm up near Fort Bragg with my then girlfriend (now wife) and we stayed plenty warm and dry. It had a 3 burner stove, fridge and initially had a roof a/c that the previous owner had installed, but it made the raising the roof feel like a struggle and I was worried about the structural integrity of the unit so I took it off and just put on a vent. I really liked that set up, and I bought the thing for $1000 and sold it for $1200, so that was nice. I think the unit I had was a 1984 or 1986, and it was real solid. If you arent taking alot of people with you, and not staying too long, Pop-up style is real nice.
  15. 911Rider

    Truck Campers

    I used to have an 8 foot Palomino pop-up camper on a Ford F-250. It was a great set-up, and held up real well. My F-250 was a pretty stiff ride, but with the camper on it rode like a cadillac.