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  1. klxman

    Inner Tube Sizes

    Thanks Mike!
  2. Hi all, I have just bought an '07 TE450 and love it. I have a little problem though, it has mouses in the tires and they feel like they are breaking down as the tyre runs all over the place. I would like to stick a tube in the tyre but cannot find a definative answer as to what size tube I need. Its currently running a 140/80 I was looking at a 450-510 tube does that sound about right? Any help would be great fully received. Thanks Jon
  3. klxman

    '97 rmx250

    Finally took the bike out yesterday and covered about 140KM off road, the bike is transformed although still not perfect. Power was very sharp with little lag when you hit the throttle. I think the PWK will be coming soon so hopefully more improvement to come! I will post again once the PWK is fitted hopefully with more good news! Thanks Jon
  4. klxman

    '97 rmx250

    Took the bike for a test ride, massive improvement. Front comes up in the 1st 3 gears with no effort and it comes up in 4th with a little assistance. The bike feels really crisp and response is virtually instant. I think I will still look into the PWK if it makes it any better then the bike will be awesome! Bring it on! Thanks for all your help.
  5. klxman

    '97 rmx250

    Have just rebuilt the carb, float set, 55 PJ, 175 MJ. bike started 2nd kick never done that before, felt really crisp although it was only on the stand. I just need to take it out and see if there is any improvement. I have also spoken to James @ JD Jetting they sell a PWK38 Airstrike carb ready jetted with their kit for @ £150 GBP so may go that way? At least then I will know everything is good! Will post results from the test ride when I can get out, just need a break in the rain!!! Thanks Jon
  6. klxman

    '97 rmx250

    Thanks guys, I had already ordered the new pilot jet to try FMF's settings, if that does not do anything then the PWK will be the next way to go! I could do with finding one UK side rather than in the US as the carriage is a bit of a killer! I will report what I get with the new PJ and Air screw settings. I am far from a pro rider and who knows the new settings might do enough for me! Will keep it all posted! Thanks Jon
  7. klxman

    '97 rmx250

    Is this the sort of thing I should go for? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/KTM-200-MXC-CARBURETOR-KEIHIN-38MM-PWK-125-300-SX-EXC-/110731622670?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item19c81e790e#ht_7729wt_905 Thanks Jon
  8. klxman

    '97 rmx250

    Thanks Zig, once again you have been very helpful. I have found the FMF setting and am going to try that as a base and go from there. There is a lot of talk about these PWK carbs, what bike are they off? I presume the RM250 of some vintage? Thanks again Jon
  9. klxman

    '97 rmx250

    Thanks for the link, I guess its time to get on the spanners! Or screwdrivers as the case may be!
  10. klxman

    '97 rmx250

    Yes, the plug chop is on the list to do, if I get some decent weather at the weekend I will do it and post results. Thanks.
  11. klxman

    '97 rmx250

    Hi Guys, The eternal question is what I need help with today 'Carb Settings'!! I have '97 RMX250 running a Gnarly Front & Power Core silencer, Twin Air filter and standard Boyesen reeds. I have re-built the bike from the ground up and love it but have no idea where to start with the carb so am running at what it was when I bought it, it was in this trim then. These settings I have no idea what they are? Is there a base point to start from? The bike comes up without effort in 1st & 2nd and bounces up in 3rd, bearing in mind I am a large rider this does not suprise me. I worry that something is not right as the power tapers off as the revs get higher, I appreciate these are not high revving bikes but really I have no idea what to expect. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  12. klxman

    RMX250 Crank Seals

    Hi Guys, I am about to order some new crank seals, has anyone out there got any experience with changing them? Mine is a '97, I was wondering if you can do it without splitting the cases? Any help would be gratefully received.
  13. klxman

    RMX250 Powervalve Change?

    Thanks Zig, although the RMX is a 97, the valves look the same as the RM you are talking about so see no reason why the swap should not work? The RM valves are very rare though, I have spoken to effectively @250 breakers and none have the parts. New would be over £400 against about £150 for the standard part. Its just a case of risking the engine chewing another valve!! There is a lot of wear on the one side so was going to get it built up with Aluminium weld then machine it back. I will be interested to hear how you get on Zig. Regards Jon
  14. Hi, I have been looking into changing the powervalves on my '97 RMX250. Zig06 suggested a pair of '95 RM250 Powervalves. Has anyone out there done this change? I have even considered machining a couple of blanks and not running a powervalve at all? Not sure if the bike would be un rideable if I did this though. Anyone got any thought on this? Any ideas would be greatfully recieved. Thanks Jon
  15. klxman

    1998 RMX Powervalve

    Thanks for the heads up on the rm parts. Checked the prices today, the bit I need is @£50 so not too bad. The guy who I bought the bike off had a spare Wiseco Piston Kit which was handy but raises the question if he new about the valve being damaged? Cleaned up the head so reckon I should be able to be going again for about £100ish. Just got to get my arse in gear and split the cases to check for any bottom end issues, all sounds and feels good at t he bottom so hopefully that is a good sign!