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  1. gregkzoo

    140/80/18 michelin s-12?

    will it fit? need a dune tire, 140 or 120?
  2. gregkzoo

    07 S rotors on a 00 E ??

    will 07 S rotors fit on a 00 E model?
  3. thanks Eddie, if i have to buy one, should i replace the blue with the red or the dxp?
  4. havnt been able to find it yet, might still be packed away somewhere from the last move.
  5. blue. Should i eliminate the coast enrichener now as well? Its for the Crested Butte, Taylor park area and a little higher mostly. I believe youre pretty familiar with that area.
  6. lost the stock needle many moves ago.
  7. gregkzoo

    carb boot question

    carb to cylinder rubber boot.
  8. gregkzoo

    carb boot question

    2000 E. At babbits it shows a different carb boot than the one on mine. Looks like the same shape, but mine doesnt have the gasket or the screw. Anybody know if its an updated part, and whether i need the gasket and screw? http://webservices.motorsportdealers.com/parts/partImages/SUZ/2/05/04/0012.Gif
  9. will it be the same settings if im running a jd needle?
  10. 2000 drz400e 3x3 jd kit larger exhaust tip, drilled a few holes in baffle 10,000- 13,000. tried searching, but couldnt find anything for over 10,000 ft.
  11. Heading over there this weekend, anybody been lately?? Any one place better than the rest?? We were thinking Dry Creek and Peach.
  12. looking for a front rotor for a 00 e.
  13. gregkzoo

    Anyone in Grand Junction/Western Colorado?

    im in Crested Butte, little ways away, but lots of trail riding up here in a couple months.
  14. gregkzoo

    arm pump spray

    except for these "chumps" that use and endorse moto911. Mike Alesi, Jeff Alessi, Donnie Hansen David Vuillemin , Grant Langston ,Tyler Evans, Rodrig Thain, Butler Brothers, Bret Metcalfe, Ryan Sipes, Jesse Casillas, Marco Dube, Teddy Mair ,Sean T. Collier, Daton Beavers, Sara Whitmore,Tara Gieger, Jessica Paterson. Welcome to the P.C.S. family Justin Barcia and Jesse Nelson , and welcoming back Rick James. Does it work?? I dont know, but its worth a try i would guess. i doubt it works any better than an aspirin and plenty of fluids. heres a good article on arm pump. http://www.motocrossactionmag.com/me2/dirmod.asp?sid=&nm=&type=news&mod=News&mid=9A02E3B96F2A415ABC72CB5F516B4C10&tier=3&nid=9B767DC2DD8E4A11B6C914E5A0E9FAF8