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  1. Crapflinger

    Implications of Changing Tire Size

    yep. got that backwards. willie, title of the topic is implications of changing tire size. gearing ratio is an implication of changing tire size. so it's something to consider, just because the listed tire size doesn't make a big difference in THIS CASE, doesn't mean it's not something to consider.
  2. Crapflinger

    Implications of Changing Tire Size

    taller or shorter tires (in the rear) also change your gearing ratio (bigger tire in the back is similar to a bigger rear sprocket) so depending on where your speed is calculated your speedometer (if you have one) will be off.
  3. @gnath9 you don't accept PMs anymore so....hopefully you're around and you get a notification. read through the 305 owners thread (at least until posi blew his engine and the thread devolved into if you could put the cbr300r engine in or the cbx500 or whatever). that thread hasn't really been updated with anything 305 related any time recently. just wondering what your current 305 status is. what have you had to do related to it since you've had it for a billion years now.
  4. Crapflinger

    CRF250L Tires

    I've got the tractionator I/Ts on mine (front and rear)...in the woods they're like a teenager at the prom (they will hook up). on the road they're a little squirmy. not sure how many miles I've got on them (really need to get a log book) but the rear is showing wear. nothing extreme, but it's there.
  5. if anyone has objective evidence of durability issues with the bill blue big bore kits specifically I'd love to see that. my buddy has the 351 kit on his KLX from bill blue and it's been rock solid for like 5 years.
  6. for a '15 250l. if you could only do one or the other, would you choose to get the big bore kit (with ejk +stock exhaust), or the (any of them) exhaust kit (with ejk)?
  7. Crapflinger

    Crash/flop protection

    sw-motech are the only ones I've seen that make actual crash bars for the 250l https://www.twistedthrottle.com/sw-motech-crash-bars-engine-guards-for-honda-crf250l-17 it's listed as compatible with '17 and up so not sure about anything older than '17. but most of the mounting points are the same as far as I know the theory behind crash bars is that they put space between the bike and the ground (since they're generally wider than the frame at least) so theoretically if you drop the bike you've got a bigger triangle between the bars, the crash bars, and whatever other part of the bike is touching the ground. which should give you more space between the ground and the higher up bits under the plastics.
  8. Crapflinger

    Seeing small bubbles in my fuel tank

    well, the air bubbles are obviously from air getting into the system somewhere where it shouldn't. so, excluding the known recall stuff, could still be something funky in your gasket repair, could have cracked something in the pump when you dropped it. only way to know would be to remove the pump and inspect it really well. of course, if it's just some air bubbles here and there and they're small (how did you even come to find out it was doing this by the way?), and no gas is coming OUT of the tank (which seems unlikely as....that's typically why air bubbles through something...because the air is following behind a drip) then I doubt there's any immediate emergency...unless of course the pump is ALSO pumping air into the engine through the fuel line...which would just be leaning out your fuel mixture also, what acerbic knock off? where did you get it? how much cheaper was it than the real deal?
  9. Crapflinger

    Seeing small bubbles in my fuel tank

    which aftermarket tank and is this a rally or regular? '17 or newer, or older than '17? acerbis has/had a recall on the big tanks for the new models ('17 and newer and I think especially the rally?) because the fuel pump didn't fit right and you'd get some serious leaks
  10. Crapflinger

    Super Sherpa or CRF?

    tw200's are a hoot. impossible to break, great gas mileage, almost unlimited torque (somehow). if stuff is getting too wild, just put your feet on the ground and let the bike drive away on it's own. with a little coaxing you can get a big horn front tire from an RZR on the back rim and make it a mud machine. also the pure simplicity of the frame and mechanics means if you're ever tired of a weird little DS, you can make it into a bobber, or a chopper, or a trike, or any number of other weird ass configurations (still one of the top hoon/modder bikes in japan)
  11. inverting the throttle tube will give you a good inch or two in the cables. taking the cables out of the routing hooks and such will give you about another inch
  12. Crapflinger

    Single track + pavement tire

    Side Topic: Tassie, I think I asked before in the previous post where you mentioned them but I don't remember the answer and I don't remember which post it was. how would you compare the hybrids to the tractionators (since you've run both)
  13. Crapflinger

    Acerbis Vision handguards.......Anyone using them.

    to do the LED turn signals in the front I had to get the flasher relay for LEDs to fix the blink rate (not necessary if you're ok with a fast blink). cheap fix and it's plug and play (you just swap out the OEM relay with the new one). I also had to wire in some diodes for the front turn signals because the ones I got are 2 wire not 3 wire so they wouldn't work as DRLs without the diodes (basically take the two hot wires from the bike, connect them to the diode, then connect the diode to the blinkers. keeps the juice from running back down the DRL circuit). my rear blinkers are still OEM regular bulbs so you can have led in the front and regular in the back.
  14. Crapflinger

    Acerbis Vision handguards.......Anyone using them.

    did not notice that they were only single point of contact mounts on those (they only mount to the bar end, not the inside of the bars)...so yeah...fairly useless as an actual hand guard.
  15. Crapflinger

    Acerbis Vision handguards.......Anyone using them.

    I've never used the vision ones...but they do look like a nice idea. all depends on how bright the LEDs actually are. only thing wrong that I could see is that since the lights are on the outside end of the guards, they're more likely to get broken if you drop the bike. that area of a hand guard is usually the first to go. I put my aux lights in the spot where the front turn signals are (used the same hole as the turn signal stalks) and they fit well. could even fit bigger lights than what I have there if I wanted. I got the tusk handguards with the blinkers built in to the hand guards. they "sort of" have the same problem in that the turn signal is in a part of the guard that is sort of likely to break under the right conditions, but they're smaller, and much cheaper to replace. also, most likely that the guard would break but not the blinker so the plastics are a lot easier to repair/replace than the blinkers anyway.