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  1. Yep. Still no idea how it could have happened.
  2. Yep. Only after one day on dirt. That part is also heavily protected by the fuel tank. My mechanics/dealer and myself are scratching our heads. KTM is informed but hasn't been helpful at this point. Couple more pics:
  3. Happen to have a link? I have cracked mine. 300mi no kick starter. Very curious on the cause.
  4. Gotcha. Anyone have pics of their relocation spot?
  5. Maybe a dumb question but why do the thermo bypass and the horn relocate?
  6. What rear bags are those? How do you like them?
  7. Yep. Here you are. Motopower 0609A 3.1Amp Waterproof Motorcycle USB Charger Kit SAE to USB Adapter https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01DYE54LI/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_AXu9ybF5ZF1Z1
  8. This is the one I'm using. I got it off amazon.
  9. Love it. I'd love a part number too!
  10. I was able to remap my bike in the US with the Euro Map (I'll be using my bike closed circuit only of course). My dealer recommended removing smog and FMF silencer for full advantage gain. I'm under the impression if you remap now then make these mods then you'll end up having to remap again after anyhow.....
  11. I burned a pretty good hole in my pants just ripping around the block. [emoji52]
  12. Have you made these changes yet and gone for a ride? Any noticeable change? Where did you get the fuel line stuff?
  13. Dumb question. I've never removed smog stuff before. What is it you're looking to remove?