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  1. cheers dude i knew that had to be another one
  2. Hi All, Going to sound very stupid now but when i changed the oil and filter last wk what came out of the frame was only about a litre, is there another oil drain on the engine that i can release the rest of the oil? Many thanks Paul
  3. You are my new best friend, cheers mate
  4. Forgot to say that the company selling the rotor would need to be in America. Any links would be great. Cheers again
  5. Oversized front Rotor for my xr600 1997 Just went to buy an oversized rotor for my XR and the 2 places i was going to buy from are sold out!!!!!! the two places are here and here, need to get it in the next week or so HELP!!!! anyone know of anywhere else i can get one Many thanks
  6. Thats what i was thinking, but everyone here is tell me to flog it for parts, really love this bike but would love to find the parts cheaper on the net tho anybody know of some good website to get replacement parts? Have already found the selector for 59 dollars, just have to get the tooth count for 4th and 5th gear and i should be able to knock some money off the price the shop gave for parts
  7. Its an 1997, god didn't want to here what you guys are tellin me, its going to break me heart breaking this thing up, alot of blood and sweat gone into this bike http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=255480&page=2&pp=40&highlight=show+pig few pictures there has an CRD exhaust, plus few other none stock parts
  8. Had to leave my bike into the shop for big engine work. Got the list of what’s wrong with it back and I can't make up my mind what do to. First the big end is gone; price I got back for a big end kit was 295euro Next were 4th and 5th gear and the selector 4th gear priced @ 131 euro 5th 165 euro and the selector is 103 Plus the clutch cover is 25 euro and the ignition cover is 25 and the top end gasket kit is 40euro and I still have to find out how much the wiseco piston is. Going to cost about 800euro for the parts listed and im only guessing around another 200 for the piston So 1000 plus what ever price the guy doing the work is going to charge!! Can anyone get me better prices keeping in mind that I have family in the USA and getting stuff from there is not a problem as the sister is coming home in the next month or so What will I do scrap it or KEEP it!!! I really love this bike but I reckon its costing to much what do you think?
  9. Cheers
  10. ********anyone?*********
  11. ***BUMP*** Badly need help, what do you think will i have to rebuild the gear box or will i get away with just replacing one cog?
  12. Here's my pig, i know it needs a wash but in its defence its gets me too and from work every day 1. 2.
  13. Great pictures guys , have to get the camera out 2moro to show off mine
  14. Not to worry have changed it to my bike xr600 and its still cheaper then the site i found, just hope its not a cheaper grade but im sure there all the same anyway (i think ) if im wrong please someone tell me to shut up lol nice work
  15. Nice 1 dude just saved me around 40$, i owe you a drink