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  1. dieselham

    Naches Trail - Yakima Sheriff

    We should coordinate a Rally, maybe at Jac's, with properly prepared DS, (lot's of orange & legal!), permits and all. Everyone bring their helmet cams and camcorders, invite all the LEO's, Sherrif, FS, WSP, News Media, ABATE, WMA, AMA, WOHVA, BRC, local councel's, etc...... Have a group ride from Jac's to the trailhead. I'm sure the street guys would support us as well. That should get some attention.
  2. dieselham

    how is it at rieder?

    Rode there Wednesday! Snow still in the upper sections, especially when in the trees. Lower sections were good for "Reiter", good traction, puddles under control, not much blow-down, but it has been raining since. Leroy.
  3. dieselham

    King5 and their "ORV Death" news topic

    King 5 has done this type of ORV bash reporting numerous times over the last three years, including comments about the Olympia Rally! They are definitely anti-ORV. The common thread usually is with Jean Enderson reporting. I have written to them about it with no response. How about a banner and signage at the Rally about Kings unfair ORV reporting! I'm sure the other stations would show it. Might make them think twice about the next report they do! Leroy.
  4. dieselham

    19" Mitas Trials Tire???

    Gnarly used to have the 19 inch listed on the Canadian site, but no more? Call them and ask. I have been getting mine (18's) from them for a few years now. http://www.gnarlyparts.ca/
  5. dieselham

    Reiter Conditions for New Years?

    I was up at Reiter digging my trailer out at the lot there Wednesday. Still a good foot of snow on the ground. Wet and slick!
  6. Ironman here with 14-51 combo. Will be changing out the 51 for a 52 as 51 has me hunting between 1st and second too much in the tight stuff. Staying in second or third more softens the throttle hit while threading the trees!
  7. dieselham

    Belfair Wednesday

    Great riding with everyone Wednesday! Feeling it for a couple days... Leroy
  8. dieselham

    antenna mount

    ABC Communications in North City. They have the heavy duty stainless steel mounts for the Dodge trucks. Leroy.
  9. dieselham

    Post here if you live in WA. guy's and gals....

    Leroy Swellview, I mean Bellevue, WA. 05 KTM EXC 82 Maico 490 Alpha 72 Norton Combat BRC, WOHVA
  10. dieselham

    Hard Parts Mirrors

    Try these! Cracked one on a log crossing slapping the bars with a camera in my chest pocket. (Camera did survive!) Mirror is still on the bike and is functional even cracked! http://www.dual-star.com/index2/Equipment/adjustable_mirror81.htm
  11. dieselham

    Rake angle 525

    Try one of these Rekluse Husqy510 developed it and started selling them on KTM Talk. Gives you the ability to adjust your offset via the axle. Dirt Rider just did a test with it and said it made a big stability difference at speed. It's on my short list! Leroy.
  12. dieselham

    Street legal requirements in Wa State

    Two mirror requirement in Washington State. I plated mine when new through the dealer, added this 05 KTM DS kit here from Sicass Racing with the LED tail light, Sicass Racing And these mirrors from Dual-Star, Dual-Star The combination has been perfect and looked over closely by a WSP officer I know with no objections. I also have the Mich AC10's (DOT) front and rear. Don't care for the 10's in the dirt. Little too slippery / un-perdictable. Friend had the Baja out back and Desert(?) in the front, felt better off road for a DOT tire. Leroy.
  13. dieselham

    Proposed ORV trail changes for Little Naches

    hayshaker, Thanks for the heads up! I forwarded these links to the WOHVA Land Action commitee. We will get the wheels in motion. The last thing we need is LESS opportunity in Washington State! www.wohva.org
  14. When you get your truck, go here for the power pieces. Piers Diesel Great people that know the Cummings inside n out.
  15. Careful when you tighten them down! Made from very soft alum and will break apart with the slightest torque. After two sets, I round filed mine. Looking for better quality ones now.