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  1. The bike is 28 years old. The rings have stopped trying to seize in the cylinder by now. Both valves must be closed at the same time or the engine won't run at all. It sounds like the automatic decompression device is not working. The engine can kick back and break the kick-start shaft out of the cases if the decompression device is not working properly.
  2. Will running just one carb work? Unless it's bigger you'd think you will only have less power. I've had both type XR250s, if I remember correctly the dual carb bike had more power. I had to run octane booster in the single carb bike.
  3. Oh I just re-read your post. If you had the engine apart it might not run again. I see A LOT of posts on here where an engine gets rebuilt and won't run.
  4. Yeah try some gas in the spark plug. If that doesn't work maybe try getting it rolling faster. Maybe try pulling it with a car and a rope?
  5. If it didn't feel like any major internal engine damage there probably isn't. What does internal engine damage feel like anyway?
  6. If chain off 10 times??? It's too loose
  7. If you want some serious power try some octain booster. Just don't use too much.
  8. Don't bother. If you want an easy lutch pull buy a new cable.
  9. This is a great threat. Another I rebuild my engine and now can't start it thread. If you spray some starting fluid into the back of the carburetor does it start? If not you have an electric problem. If it does start with the starting fluid you have a fuel problem. These are very easy to diagnose.
  10. You guys are great. The poster here would have bought a different shock or had his rebuilt but that's not the problem. It's kind of like guys that rebuild an engine because the spark plug fouls.
  11. Tons of stock shocks on eBay, $25 & up.
  12. Hit any local mx track. The oldest bike you'll see is maybe 3 years old. 10 year old race bikes are just plain worn out.
  13. Your 500 is 32 years old. If you got a silencer for a 1987 you would have more power. Those bikes were made back when each year the bike had more power than the previous year. Getting a silencer for a newer bike is a good idea. But be careful as those bikes had a lot of power.
  14. His CR80 is a 2006. Way too old for racing on a track.
  15. It might be possible that the gears have worn out. They may still be in there but they are disintegrating. You typed in clutch plates but nothing after that. The clutch plates are still there you're having a problem with the gears.