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  1. If this is a pit bike for you you'll have no problem removing a link. Might not need to tho. 12 tooth will gear it way down. And or try a 13... a 15 see what you like
  2. Countershaft is 14 stock, go to 12
  3. If you're putting $500 into a 1992 KX 250 you're approaching the value of the bike. You could easily buy another bike for just a little bit more than that. A good running bike.
  4. That will work great unless there's some really big peices that get jammed between the gears.
  5. Six children and can't afford to fix the bike? Could you ask your wife to help out with some of the cost? It shouldn't cost all that much to get the right parts.
  6. That break hub and lever is definitely off of a Chinese bike not any kind of CR 80 Honda
  7. This may be above your ability. Take it to a shop. It may cost a little more but it'll be fixed.
  8. Google a YouTube vid
  9. Buy something like a used TT 150 crf150 something like that see if she likes it. If she does then get that Yamaha. You can always sell the bike and get your money back.
  10. That front end looks like it's off of a Chinese bike.
  11. If you filled the engine with oil it will surely come out of the overflow. How much did you add? It sounds like you may be over your head with this motorcycle.
  12. Yeah I get some flack about octane booster. Some here don't want to use it that's fine. We use it sometimes, we have good results as it makes a lot of extra power. If you don't want to use it that's fine if you do it's fun.
  13. Spark Arrestor still works with octane booster
  14. We've run many 2 ring pistons with just one ring
  15. 1976 - I was 16 A friend of my Dad's ought a new TT500, I rode it and was HOOKED. I didn't buy one till 1980. I've had several since then. The last one I had was an Orange 1979, I bought it for $1200 - sold it for $2800 !!! I really don't know why but they were and are BAD ASS motorcycles.