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  1. arthur6

    Preparing to ride Pismo/salt water

    We grew up about a 3 minute walk form the ocean. We rode our bicycles as well as dirt bikes on the beach and in salt water all time. Never had a problem but we did rinse the bike of when we got home usually. One weekend won't do any harm at all.
  2. arthur6

    No compression after crash

    No octane booster for this guy, he's got problems of his own.
  3. arthur6

    Confused on top end rebuild

    We've had 125s that ran over 10 years without a rebuild. That's a lot longer than 20 hours but do what you like.
  4. arthur6

    No compression after crash

    Can chain can "jump" a tooth but not because of the bike crashing. Yea I did chime in with the broken ring but come on man it was a joke. I guess the lesson here is if we keep girls off dirt bikes there will be less problems for the boyfriend's to figure out???
  5. arthur6

    No compression after crash

    This thread is insane. Rings don't crack because of age or a crash. Cam chains don't jump from a crash. The adjusters will adjust the cam chain so it's quiet. A clutch doesn't stop working because a girl crashes. When this engine is taken apart it will never run again. But keep us posted.
  6. arthur6

    Looking for the Condenser on a 1980 XR80

    Condensers rarely go bad. From the picture your points look okay also. Those engines and ignition systems are pretty Bulletproof. Just put some fresh gas in it and start it up.
  7. arthur6

    Well spins true but not centered

    That won't fix your problem. Spokes & Rims are where they are... Can't "adjust" right to left at all. You have the spacers in correctly?
  8. arthur6

    Siezed Kicker??

    Sorry to hear about the kicker gear damage but why 50 kicks to get it started?
  9. arthur6

    Xr400 skid plate on xr250?

    400 ... bigger engine = bigger skid plate
  10. There's a zillion threads on this website alone about engines not running well or at all after a rebuild. It might be that your engine is just no good any longer. Keep us posted on how it turns out.
  11. arthur6

    No compression after crash

    The bike is pretty old. Maybe it's like a vintage car when it's just a little too old the rings get brittle? Maybe the hit on the tree was enough to crack the rings?
  12. arthur6

    Should a 1990 xr 200 ever kick you back?

    The bike is 28 years old. The rings have stopped trying to seize in the cylinder by now. Both valves must be closed at the same time or the engine won't run at all. It sounds like the automatic decompression device is not working. The engine can kick back and break the kick-start shaft out of the cases if the decompression device is not working properly.
  13. arthur6

    85 xr250 single carb swap?

    Will running just one carb work? Unless it's bigger you'd think you will only have less power. I've had both type XR250s, if I remember correctly the dual carb bike had more power. I had to run octane booster in the single carb bike.
  14. arthur6

    unknown motor problem

    Oh I just re-read your post. If you had the engine apart it might not run again. I see A LOT of posts on here where an engine gets rebuilt and won't run.
  15. arthur6

    unknown motor problem

    Yeah try some gas in the spark plug. If that doesn't work maybe try getting it rolling faster. Maybe try pulling it with a car and a rope?