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  1. Roczen for the championship. Wilson will be the sleeper pic
  2. Tell her she doesn't have to hide it anymore. You're old enough to know. Don't worry you don't have to call me dad! Chicken!!!
  3. Its nice when your craft is appreciate by your peers! Not real sure but i dont think so. Things have to line up first and its not looking promising. Ask your mom!
  4. pick up? PLEASE!!! i made that damn thing! awww!!! Thanks!
  5. did someone call Batman? I am still alive. Just super busy with life and dealing with personal things. Doesn't seem like I have much time for anything anymore. lol. glad to know I still have fans though... kisses to you lady boys!
  6. T-Doshi9

    Reed Retiring ??

    Lol right. Psst your doing it wrong.
  7. T-Doshi9

    Reed Retiring ??

    Feel free to change the station. You can do better than that right? Again... Show me where I'm wrong.
  8. T-Doshi9

    Reed Retiring ??

    i'm hearing Barcia has just a few more things to seal up but its looking very likely he stays there. Bogle has been trying to get something with JGR and after last weekend and a few other rides i could see that happening. i think i heard something about motoconcepts was talking to him too. but don't quote me on that i have a few pain killers in me right now. lol really for a few of these riders they will have to wait and see where the faster guys land before they get talked to unless they come with a low ball offer and say i just want the ride and will prove it with bonuses.
  9. T-Doshi9

    Reed Retiring ??

    nope i just have better things to do right now. good luck in your moms basement.
  10. T-Doshi9

    Reed Retiring ??

    well then one must conclude that i am actually hearing things from a source that knows then right? predictions are just that. 50-50 shot at being right. either way i wont lose any sleep if you don't believe what i heard. just simply sharing what i heard. and apparently some is backed up on the pulp show. life has kept me pretty busy the last week with things that actually matter so i haven't had any time to catch up with my podcast. so i can't speak as to what was said there yet. intoodeep can chime in as to what was said there.
  11. T-Doshi9

    Reed Retiring ??

    Then I must be pretty good at guessing things. Several thing I have said have turned out to be right. But I don't expect you to believe me. Feel free to doubt. I still heard what I heard. So I guess we will see. Don't worry I won't come back look for you when it turns out to be right.
  12. T-Doshi9

    Reed Retiring ??

    Friends in the right places. I have told this before.
  13. T-Doshi9

    Reed Retiring ??

    Then when im wrong you can say it. I just simply said this is what im hearing. I haven't listened yet. Then i feel better about ehat im hearing then.
  14. T-Doshi9

    Reed Retiring ??

    Barcia stays where he is.
  15. T-Doshi9

    Reed Retiring ??

    I'm hearing ktm and a satellite team for just him. Like 22motosports but not his $$.