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  1. What pipe are those ? They look really good [emoji106]
  2. Bidulez

    Aer 48 holding down

    Why is it like that ?
  3. Bidulez

    Aer 48 holding down

    I have the same issue on my 2017 TC 125, AER 48 forks are new to me, is the negative chamber on both sides or just left side ?
  4. Bidulez

    Need help installing power valve.

    The lever is spring loaded, if the shaft is engaged, you should be able to connect it to the power valve shaft.
  5. Bidulez

    Kx100 died and now wont kick at all

    Use an impact, it will come off, with or without the stud. Put a new stud & nut when reassembling.
  6. Probably just a coincidence and has nothing to do with the oil change. As mention above, double check if you put the proper bolt and washer.
  7. Bidulez

    Rmz 250 2006 shifting problem

    I know it's an old thread but i had a similar issue with my 2004 RMZ 250 and just want to share with others for future reference. I was not able to shift on second gear from 1st, i was going 1st, neutral, 3rd, 4th and 5th. It was fine on all gears when downshifting, but sometimes it was stuck on 3rd, unable to shift up or down. I split the cranckcase and found the shift drum broken. Metal looks really brittle to me. I did not see any other damage.
  8. Hi guys I have a 2004 RMZ 250, had to split the cases to replace a broken shift drum and noticed a repair on the bolt/threads that hold the timing chain. Anyone seen this type of helicoil repair before ? Not sure if it is suposed to stay threaded in the crankcase of if is suposed to come with the bolt ? It looks like it's crimped to the bolt. There was no loctite on the threads, if it's suposed to stay in the crankcase i can put some red loctite before i reasemble it. Left bolt is a brand new bolt, right bolt is the one i removed from the crankcase. chain tensioner.
  9. Bidulez

    2004/5 KX250F carb question

    2004 Suzuki RMZ 250 is exactly the same bike, different color.
  10. Bidulez

    Stripped Kick starter bolt. What next?

    Replace the shaft, done.
  11. Bidulez

    KX100 Small Wheel Conversion Project

    How much lower is the bike after this mod ?
  12. Bidulez

    Bought a 2017 KX 100 Today

    70% trails, I think a CRF 150R is what you need.
  13. Bidulez

    Dark lines on new nikasil cylinder bore

    Why would you go against manufacturer's recommendation? It clearly says in my service manual "Plated cylinder cannot be bored or honed"
  14. Bidulez

    Stuck motor bolt

    You can probably turn it, spray lots of WD-40 inside while you turn it, let soak overnight and you should be able to remove it.
  15. Bidulez

    What is the best fuel mix ratio for kx125?

    Jetting is not right, assuming your engine is in good shape. No spooge at all on mine running @ 32:1 with Maxima Castor 927.