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  1. Ok guys I'm going to rebuild my top end on my 650l. Should I use a wiseco 101mm or go with the 102mm? Should I use a hotcam single stage or stay stock?
  2. Kenda 270
  3. So basically time to rebuild the top end. Thanks I appreciate the input.
  4. Just wondering if anyone could recommend a good shop to rebuild a DRZ 400s engine. I'd like to do the 435 bb kit and wide ratio gearing as well. Thanks guys.
  5. Hey guys... So I ride a 2000 xr650l has 4300 miles on it. I got it with 2000 miles on it. The bike had sat since 2005 and after tearing down the carb 4 or 5 times, changing the oil, and adding a few other parts my buddy and I brought her bike to life. The bike always smoked a little on decel especially if the hill was steep but lately he's telling me it's smoking like a two stroke when going down steep hills. Never under acceleration or normal riding. I've changed the oil 4 times since I got her and check the oil after each ride. I'm thinking probably the rings but I'm taking her to Honda for a leak down test. Any ideas?
  6. Just wondering if there are any differences between the two years? I've been riding an xr650l but have been contemplating buying the 690 r. Found a nice 2015 but have been thinking maybe to buy new. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Thanks guys .
  8. I've known this bike since my buddy got it. It's a 2007 and it's been well taken care of. The only reason he's getting rid of it is he bought the new 2017 Husqvarna FE 501s. He wanted more power.
  9. Hey guys... I'm thinking about buying a DRZ 400s from a friend but I'm hesitant as the bike has high mileage 29,000 miles. He has jetted the bike with air box mod, 4 gallon acerbis tank, new tires, led turn signals, low profile led taillight with turn signal, led headlight with ballast kit and cycra handguards. Theres more as well like a rear rack and a few other things. Just worried about the mileage. He's used AMS Oil since it was at 2000 miles. Any input on a price or mileage would be much appreciated. Thanks
  10. 2 1/2 turns out
  11. Nice setup. Which grips are you using?
  12. Joe whats causing his shavings?
  13. Not sure but since these have a wet clutch could it be clutch shavings?
  14. Thanks, I can see the drilling helping but just saying it wasn't in the instructions that's all. Thanks Joe
  15. I installed the Dynojet kit. It was an easy install. No drilling required. I did have to cut the tab on the bowl for the fuel mixture screw but a drimmel tool made quick work of it.