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  1. Lochlea21

    1990 MX 250 Ignition (No Spark)

    What model of motoplat fits my bike ,ive heard nothing but bad news regarding sem systems thanks
  2. Lochlea21

    1990 MX 250 Ignition (No Spark)

    Looking through your blog i am having the same problem with an1990 ktm 250 that ive purchased ,same set up with the coil,cdiand stator did you eventually get to the bottom of it if so id appreciate some help or a diagram as am finding one hard to find ,thanks
  3. Lochlea21

    KTM 250 exc no spark

    Hi av got a 1990 ktm 250 exc thats not sparking ,thr wirings been chopped about and a bit of a mess ,it has a digital control and a black coil with 4 wires ,theres 4 wires comming from the stator ,does antone know where i can get a wiring diagram ?