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  1. Hello I would love to know of somewhere to take my son "beginner 125cc dirt bike rider" in San Bernardino mountain area where you can hopefully ride near a water source, since it's supposed to be triple digit heat?? Nothing like a Good Ride & being able to stop for a cool down swim....?? Been trying to research the subject, but figured I should save time & inquire here since you all are ALWAYS so helpfully!! Thank You for ANY HELP!!
  2. Hello, I just got a 1982 Honda xr500r. Just finished rebuild on carb. Need to know the correct pilot jet adjustment?? Also, probably a silly question but.... what is the "ON" position for the choke "lever??" ANY HELP would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!! Gotta get this beauty going, so the sooner our next RIDE will be.... Thank You for any help....
  3. Thank You Guys! Looks like I'm going to check out Ocotillo Wells. There's definately a lot to see there & for all skill levels. Time to load em' up.... Thanks Again
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    Great Trail Bike!!
    Great Trail Bike!!
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    Great Trail Bike!!
    Great Trail Bike!!
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    The Beast!!
    The Beast!!
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    Faster than a speeding bullet!!
    Faster than a speeding bullet!!
  9. Well my trailer is approx. 18 1/2' by itself. I wasn't sure if the max length restriction meant when it is hooked up to my truck or not? Just don't want to get into a tight spot. Also, do you know if there is a good place for a beginner to try to ride for first time there? Oh ya, by the way, I am a woman.... lol
  10. Hello everyone, I am desperately trying to find somewhere near San Diego to camp for a few days & be able to teach my adult son to ride. I was considering Corral Canyon ohv but found out they have a max 27' length restriction for campground. My truck & trailer are approx. 35'. Looking for hard pack mainly. I have a favorite lake bed where I learned to ride but it is to far in opposite direction for my son to be able to drive, due to his work schedule. Any help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!