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  1. anything else that could be a problem? it also blows out white smoke when i first start it
  2. Did that it just smells like gas
  3. Ya i already ordered a new outlaw high pressure cap.
  4. Ok i will try and get back
  5. Anything else it could be?
  6. I just replaced the head gasket not about 3 weeks ago and its still doing it. Could not torquing it right be a problem too? I do trail and sometime track
  7. Hi from day one i bought this thing it has constantly leaked coolant out of the overflow for about 2 months (since i got it). So after doing a bottom end rebuild i put new head gaskets in it. After all that it still leaks coolant im not sure what the problem is but i can only ride for about half hour before it is all out and starts overheating. So if any knows please let me know. Thanks!
  8. Darn blown head gasket i just replaced it
  9. Hi i recently got a 04 Crf250r about 2 months ago and whenever i start it for the first time it puffs out a lot of white smoke. Im not sure what the problem is but i do have a video on you tube that i will link... If someone knows please reply back! greatly appreciated