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  1. I have a 82 XL500R wondering what other bikes parts can you use. Just wondering since the [parts are not that easy to track down
  2. That is what I was afraid of. If anyone knows that there is an easier way please let me know. Going to really think about this one if I want to get my feet wet or take it in. There is only one way to learn though. And thank you for the reply
  3. Do I need to take the clutch out or is there a way around it. I really am lost on this not sure what to do
  4. I am going to start off with this is my first bike and new to Thumper Talk so please bear with me if I have some off the wall questions. So I got a 82 XL500R have had it for 3 weeks and got it for $500 and I love it. Two days ago went to start it and making a horrible noise from the kick start/clutch side cover. Took the cover off last night and I cant figure out how to take the kickstart spindle out. I truly appreciate any info since I cant find anything online