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  1. Sounds like you just need a break from it're having a rough patch at the moment but I assume if things weren't constantly going wrong you wouldn't think twice about quitting? I know because i've recently gone through the same situation...had a 450...gearbox broke, so got it fixed...2 weeks later it breaks again. Finally sort it and rode it for another few months then decided to sell it and get a 250t. Within 2 months of having that the gearbox breaks...the whole lot needs replacing (well known "chocolate" gearbox)...think the guy who had it before me may have stripped it and knew it didn't have much more life in it. Decided I was going to rebuild it myself with a bit of my dad's help...first time rebuilding an engine...that did test me. I wanted to quit at times and seriously thought about it...but months later and £700 down it's done. And for now everything's working ok and i'm enjoying it again. I'm sure it won't last for much longer but it did wear thin on me at times. What i'm saying is, take a break...if you love it and it's a passion then you'll deffo miss it one day and wish you didn't sell everything.
  2. Started with a 110cc automatic quad...riding round the fields at my nans farm. Got into motocross a couple of years later at the age of 16 on a 1996 KX125 with the purple seat...had a year racing/learning on that, getting lapped on the first lap etc. and then got an upgrade to a nice 2005 felt like a 250 compared to another 125 the difference was unreal! I'd love a ride on that old KX again now that though.
  3. That was gonna be my next reply!
  4. Yeah. I would take out all the jets and see what numbers they are and replace them with standard ones and go from there. Climate does affect how a bike runs, so depending upon how the carb is jetted it may work well in the summer but awful in the winter or vica versa. Depends on elevation too.
  5. I have an 07 RM250 and there's no ball bearing in that. 19 is the seal and 18 looks like the bushing for the clutch actuator (16).
  6. The perch where your clutch cable attaches into the engine will be loose and move about when there is no cable attached to it. If the previous owner mentioned something may be wrong or missing then theres a possibility this is the case...I guess this perch could be the wrong one for the bike or another internal component but without lookingat it then it's impossible to say. You can't really put the perch in the wrong way...if the cable fits then it's in properly. I'm sure your local shop will help you and yeah, keep us updated!
  7. Doesn't look too healthy does it?? You mentioned the power valve was sticking...have you sorted it? If it's really gunked up bad then it could need cleaning. Thick dark smoke can also indicate bad crank seals but I wouldn't think it's this if the bike wasn't smoking before you rebuilt the top.
  8. No idea as I live in England, I barely know my own currency haha! I wouldn't think it would cost too much. I think the hard part would be actually welding it or whatever.
  9. Try that for part numbers. I see a few of them parts listed are discontinued though, not sure exactly what you need though? I would ring around various bike shops and see what they say first of all. If you're outside of the UK I can't help with any shops i'm afraid but may be worth asking around everywhere. Also, try and find motocross bike breakers and see if they have a similar year to your bike that they've stripped down? I'm not sure if parts are compatiible with earlier year models, but it's possible. If no luck there then machining it may be the way to go?
  10. Sounds like you're doing all the right things. My dad had the same problem with his bike last year, took ages to find the problem and he did exactly what you've listed there. I'm sure you'll solve it soon
  11. I take it you've replaced the sparkplug already? Tried anything else? Could be a fault somewhere in the wiring loom, these can be purchased second hand quite cheap.
  12. You need to take the slack out by adjusting the nuts on the bar. If this doesn't do it then you may have hooked it up wrong in the carb? There's plenty of info and videos available showing you how to do this. I've included a link below, hope it helps
  13. First of all I would completely clean the carb. Drain the float bowl, take the carb off, use compressed air to blow through all jets and make note of what jet sizes you have in there whilst you've got the carb out. Check these to standard and see if it runs ok afterwards.
  14. There are also some boots that have a high toe area, which makes it hard to get your toe under the shifter no matter how high you have it.
  15. Sometimes they cover a range of years yes. If I were you i'd buy the one ou812 linked you, then you know it's specifically for the 2001 model.