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    newb how to jet?

    title basically says it all my bike is running really lean and am wondering if anyone has a step by step tutorial or can give me instructions i bought this bike second hand never came with a manual any input/advice would be great thanks a lot! t
  2. tootorqt

    newb how to jet?

    alright awsome thanks man!!
  3. Hey i am looking for someone with great knowledge to help me possibly figure my issues, i jsut got this bike off a friend for 800$ and it wont kick start for the life of it, my foot hurts from kicking it a good 1000 +. i can get it started by jumping but it gets extrememly hot with in seconds all the way to the end of pipe, riding fast enough to cool down... i checked the valves and both intak and exhaust are way to tight my smallest gauge was a .008 unfortunetly so dont kno exactly how tight but getting new feeler gauge tomorow, got pics of the timing chain and cams cuz my buddy thot it was off but wondering how much valves cost, and what the prodceedure is to fix any ideas or help would be great t
  4. judging from the marks on the cams and the mark on flywheel would you say its timing is ok? its weird cuz wen i did line it up it still didnt feel like it was at the hardest point to kick start, and had someone look at it said that has &%$#@! all for compression