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  1. Foot pegs and bar risers. Add a kick start?
  2. Thanks all. It’s probably a combination of the cooler air improving throttle response and a a more sensitive butt dyno following a winter without riding. She was power wheelie-ing without really needing to rip open the throttle in first (as would normally be required). It does not seem to behave the same way when ambient temps are warm. The difference was so noticeable that I was wondering if I’d need to rejet once the temps increase to average. I’ll have to pay attention as spring approaches.
  3. My bike was jetted when outside temps were around 35 - 40 degrees farenheit. I notice that the bike seems much more snappy at this temperature than it does once summer rolls around. Is it in my head or is there possibly a legitimate difference? I’m using the dynojet stage 2 with a 155 main. What adjustments should I make when summer rolls around (regularly 80-90 f)?
  4. Did you go into a tank slapper or did you loop it? Sounds like you went 2nd to 1st at too high an rpm and/or without rev matching and the did an unintentional wheelie...or got the front unbalanced enough for a tank slapper. I am by no means an expert, but I wonder if your On/Off throttle issue could be solved by increasing the idle a tiny bit so you can roll off the clutch and ease on the throttle.
  5. Right before I dropped it...twice in 2 minutes (luckily at crawling speed on grass/dirt).
  6. A nice fall day in NY
  7. I am curious to know if the Seat Concepts version (regular height) impacts the seat height in any way. I am 5'9 with a 30" inseam, so I am on tippy toes with the stock seat. It looks like the Seat Concepts version is relatively slim up front which should mean that touching the ground won't be impacted. Can anyone confirm if there is any noticeable difference in the ability to get your feet on the ground? I don't need to flat foot, but another inch in the wrong direction would make me a bit uncomfortable. I know a short height is also available, but I worry that it would negate the extra cushioning.
  8. "Only" 16,500 miles on my 2006 SM. However, more than half of those miles have been put on by me since I purchased the bike 14 months ago. Only basic maintenance so far. Runs like a champ. *knock on wood* A huge part of the appeal of this bike was the maintenance requirements, overall durability, and availability of parts and model specifIc knowledge. For those reasons I'm sort of glad we only see bold new graphics each year.
  9. Bear mountain area here. My black DRZ Supermoto) can often be spotted in and around the area.
  10. I have a generic fuel filter spliced I'm right before the carb. No fueling issues whatsoever.
  11. Noise: it's not the quietest helmet, for sure. But with my Yoshi RS2, I never feel that it's too loud inside the helmet. Shield: zero complaints and no issues or twisting noticed. i think you're referring to the Icon Variant,which is a very popular SM choice. From reviews, quality is mediocre, visor changes are a pita, and it's relatively expensive. It is so wildly popular that it's worth a look. I couldn't justify the price difference when comparing the Icon down to the Bell ($100 on clearance for some color schemes) or up to the Shoei or Arai ($550)
  12. I have the Bell MX-9 adventure (same as the regular mx helmet, but with a proper face shield. The shield is removable. Paid 110 on clearance so it's a bargain. You could spend literally $500 more on an XD4 or Hornet, but I'm not sure why anyone would. It's built well, ECE and DOT approved, fits my head well, looks pretty good.
  13. It idles fine once warmed up, and Hot starts are ok. Haven't had a chance to test much since the bike has been stored all winter (carb work was just completed this week) and the weather is not conducive to getting it up to regular operating temps. Basically I don't want to do cold starts and than park it immediately. The most recent cold start was with temps at 50 Fahrenheit, started up immediately with choke full out, revs began to drop after about 30 seconds, but sounded like it was cutting out so I pushed in the choke and it stalled right away. Cranked and restarted with choke all the way in, but died as soon as I touched the throttle. After a bit it starts to idle fine and once warm it runs great. Will have to check small adjustments to the mixture screw and starting it with the choke all the way in. I'm a carb noob, so I am otherwise at a loss for ideas.
  14. Having some issues getting my DRZ400SM warmed up. It will cold start great with the choke pulled all the way out. Once the idle drops the bike will stumble a bit and if I push the choke in (to either setting) the bike will die and will then require a fistful of throttle to restart. Once it gets going a bit it idles and runs fine. This is a new issue and began happening after a re-jet. Wondering what I might need to adjust? Should I leave the choke out all the way longer, or do I need to adjust the jetting, or carb? 2006 with Moose/DJ jet kit (stage 2 jets), 3x3, full yosh RS2.
  15. How much money are you looking to spend and will it need to be waterproof? Just bought a Kriega US-20 dry bag, but they are not cheap at over $120. If you don't need that volume they sell 5 and 20 liter drybags around the $70 range. Expensive, but it's hard to beat the quality and still have waterproofing.