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    Everything extreme, Hunting,Fishing,Camping,all on my bike
  1. Warsteiner

    KX 65 seat height

    Did anyone just tell you what the height is? I hate it when you ask a simple question and are met with long diatribes of theory and conjecture. Usually 30 is at lowest setting I want to know my self now because same thing I dont trust site specs to much. Did you get an answer?
  2. Warsteiner

    machined clutch ?

    Hey bud I read in the Clymer Manuel that if your hot start or choke valve on the carb is not seating all the way it will run rich and not start after hot.so if you choke and hot start pulls are sticky like mine were clean them out.I bought the FMF jet kit because mine was running rough didn't want to start hot. The kit helped a lot and I know your not supposed to give it any gas when kicking it but it only starts if you do when it's hot. I use the choke and hot start give it the slightest amount of throttle and she goes Everytime.if you have a lot of money you can pick up a adjustable CDI box or a hot plug. I'm using a stock 8 but there are options. I like the hot CDI and coil unit sounds good in theory
  3. Warsteiner

    Registering an Off-Road Use Only bike in CT

    Awesome help brother! I was in the process of buying a second bike "today" I was going to hand the money over in the AM and pick it up. Turns out the kid decided to take it out for a last blast and got pulled over. Cops took the bike ran it and said it was stolen. He had a bill of sale from a guy. So the cops are charging the other guy and returning the bike. So the kids out his money and I got lucky. Which led me to this article. I decided to check out what I need for CT now instead of finding out later or having them charge me days of impound fees because it takes that long to get a CO. This articular was well written and very informative. Should be a writer bro lol
  4. Warsteiner

    Registering an Off-Road Use Only bike in CT

    Because if the you get pulled over anywhere the cops will automatically take your bike and run the vin number and if it is stolen or the CO is in another name you will not get it back. I just started the process of getting the CO just in case you know I dont have a history on my bike.
  5. Warsteiner

    machined clutch ?

    Are you sure your springs are not just warn out? without enough tension it wont disengage properly. Yeah it got to be your spring are 1 out of spec "wrong"springs or 2 Warn out to the point where they no longer perform the function they were intended to do.
  6. Warsteiner

    machined clutch ?

    Just ebay a new basket they are cheap you really dont need to put new plates in only to burn them out in half the time.
  7. Warsteiner

    2007 yz250f popping when hot.

    Make sure your exhaust manifold is seated properly and no air is getting in. And throw in some good gas or octane boost you could just have water in your gas. Vapor lock is pretty common when the bike get really hot Im looking into a super cooler cuz mine can do that on occasion when I run cheap gas. When you find a cure lets us know Thanks
  8. Warsteiner

    Help me indentify this bike please!

    WR but looks to small to be a 250 It certainly is not a KTM LOL
  9. You need to ride the clutch a little more at higher RPMS. Clutches are cheap dont be afraid to use them. I installed a hydraulic clutch cable so I can use one finger. I agree it sounds like a combination of low RPMS and a sticky clutch. Oh and dont give it any throttle when your restarting. Also the heat can be an issue with restarting. My bike is a nightmare starting if I stall it and the bike is hot. Great place to ride Also my biggest advice is read everything you can find on our sport get a Climber manual and watch instructional videos "GOOD ONES" and teach yourself how to work on your bike. When you are intimate with every part you will be diagnosing your little problems in no time at all. Keep pushing your comfort levels Warsteiner
  10. Warsteiner

    2016 YZ250F enduro/HS use

    It's very critical to keep the bike level and for turning you can dampen the forks. It's also critical to set your sag properly. And adjust your rebound and dampening for top performance. Keep a journal of your settings then you can do it on breaks. Each terrain is different so to maximise your riding keeps you fresh. To much work will fatigue you so use your settings
  11. Warsteiner

    04 yz250f wont start when hot

    Thanks Bro had the same issue and actually copied and pasted your info and went step by step and cured it. I sincerely appreciate the detail and being taught something new. OU ONE
  12. What is that chain?belt? whatever the heck? Doesnt look solid like the rest. And Im sure the frame is made of some ultra light weight composite material. So weight is probably not a factor.
  13. I use engine cleaner, scotch bright, brass brush, after everything is clean I blow dry everything then I hit my chain with chain lube and spray the rest with a water resistant Teflon base product Ill look forgot the name.
  14. Hi I have a 2003 yz250f and want lights. Can I just order a stator and regulator from a wr250f and install it? from what I can tell which isnt much the WR250f is the same bike as mine only electrified. If not what are the best option anyone else used? I know ricky stator make rewinds but I just want all the info before I spend my money. Thanks guys and ladies
  15. I have been looking into adding a light for night riding because my night vision goggles are just to sensitive lol. Kidding Anyway I need ideas and if anyone can tell me why I could not just buy a stator for a 2003 wr250f and use it please tell me! from what I can gleen they are the same bike. Heck I would even like to add a electric start. If anyone has had success with good headlight operations for a reasonable price please tell me about it. Thanks guys and gals Keep tearing it up out there.