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  1. Jace22sxf-fe

    A.C., the ship has sailed....

    Hey guys. Would like ask, how much of A.C.'s issues could be related to his father pushing him to hard? Not knocking his father at all here, but it seems to me that he just needs to find a trainer or riding coach that can help get his confidence back. I think the kid still has it, he just needs confidence. He can say he has all the confidence in the world but we all see he isn't riding like he does!
  2. Jace22sxf-fe

    Opinion on crankcase repair

    I personally wouldn't use that case. Not when you have invested so much. So i found this for you. Hope this helps! https://www.your-adrenaline-fix.com/classifieds/partsdetail.php?TypeID=43&fatherID=36&ItemID=142035991349
  3. Thank you. Not sure how they are gonna turn out I had to resize them..thank you again guys. Again I wasn't whining, they told me they were going to go through it. But it's a rap now!
  4. How do I show you guys picks? I see no way to attach a photo.
  5. OK guys letting it go. I ordered some stuff last night. It was worth a shot. The whole situation sucks. Pretty shady if you ask me. To tell someone your going to go through a bike and then just clean the air filter, not properly at that! Is just shady! I do take some blame in this. I'm not gonna be a A-hole and and tell everyone their name. They just lost someone who spends a lot of money on my toys! So Thank you to everyone!! Oh they said sorry you found so many things wrong with it. Lol WTF..
  6. I just put it in there to make a point!
  7. This is what i sent them. We will see. Is this okay I hope? Tim,steve. I Just wanted to let you guys know i am really diapointed in the condition i recieved the bike. When you spend 6,000 on a bike you would think it would be ready to ride. I could have bought new but it's the model i wanted. I understand you're in the business to make money. I am really disappointed that I wasn't told that it needed stuff done to be safe, regardless. I would like to list the things that weren't either done or checked. 1. The oil was not changed. So I would assume that included the the oil filter. 2. The old air filter was just cleaned and put back in. 3. 5 spokes were really loose. 1 was almost completely disconnected from the nipped. 4. The forks seals leak really bad 5. The front tire has a major gash in it. 6. The bike wasn't cleaned. 7. 1 of the rubber bushings for the bars is shot. If i was told you dont do a thing to used dirt bikes i would have rethought the purchase. But I was told that you hadnt gone through it yet when I came in at first. I should have asked for clarification. I am not trying to be a pain in the ass. It's not my intention at all. You guys seem like really good guys. I garuntee if you were me you would also be highly disapointed.I just wanted to bring this to your attention. Thanks jace
  8. I absolutly agree with you! To me a service would be new plug,air filter,oil filter and oil. Also check bearings and spoke etc. If anything major needs to be replaced call the customer. But this shady take in on trade and flip a.s.a.p seems to be all to common!! I have learned my lesson believe me!
  9. Thanks guys, Really just not thinking clearly yet. Obviously!! I am just blown away that any good business owner would think this is acceptable. I am trying to stay calm. I just met a mechanic that worked for milsaps and i will have him do the repairs and "SERVICE" that should have been done in the first place!. I will make my case to the dealer, the owner see what he says. I will be calm and polite of course! Ask if he could help with the fork seals and let him know i wont be getting it repaired there! Bikes cost a ton of hard earned money, I understand the no warrenty thing. But when a product goes out the door it should at least be safe to ride unless otherwise stated and agreed upon! Oh i did check the air filter and they couldnt even bother to put a new one in! Unreal, i will let you guys know how i make out! Thank you all for your input!
  10. Hey guys, I bought a 2015 ktm 250 sxf factory edition from a dealer with 50hrs on it. I went to look at it well over a week and a half ago but just picked it up yesterday. They said when i looked at it that they hadnt serviced it yet and they were going to. I was also told the guy originally bought it from them. Well both were lies. Wanted to pick it up friday night but they said it wasnt ready, so i got it yesterday. An uncle i was really close to died last week and my mind is just not kicked back into normal mode. Also i am the type of person who doesnt like conflict just for some background. Ok so before i loaded it up i noticed it still had the same crap tires on it. Ok just wanna get the bike home i will deal with that. I asked the mechanic did you do a leak down or compression test and what were the results? He replies "no i only did the air filter". Hmmmmm. Keep in mind they already had the bike well over a week. They fired it up and it purred like a kitten. So i load it up and noticed the fork seals are leaking quite a bit. The salesman says oh you need to ride it and they will stop sometimes they do this. I havent ridden in 15 yrs so i wasnt really sure. I took a deep breath and said ok. I said i WILL LET YOU KNOW!! I get the bike home find 5 spokes majorly loose!! Huge gash in the front tire, the seals are leaking even worse after a 20 min..slow slow ride!! How should i aproach this guys? I was maybe thinking contact the owner. Its a huge dealership here in ny state! They knew my situation with why i couldnt pick up the bike! When i did i felt rushed because they were busy with an event! I feel like they took advantage of my situation! Any input would be greatly appreciated! I feel when a dealership puts money before peoples safety it's time they get a reality check. Apparently they are getting away with it with others is my take!! Thanks guys
  11. Jace22sxf-fe

    Transmission swap?

    Yes i believe it will. They are identical cases.