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  1. ok got the bike a little over a year ago it would start up after bout 20 kicks or so and I dealt with it for the time being since I didn't get a lot of time to ride due to work, etc. Well I finally decided enough is enough, im gonna fix this. a little info about the bike. the only aftermarket stuff done to it is the suspension, larger radiators and a hot cam exhaust cam with auto decomp. beyond that this bike is stock. still has the lever in the head for the decomp. So I pulled out the carb and went through it cleaned all the jets, all surfaces, sensors, springs, etc. put new gaskets in it set everything back in the way it was hoping it was just dirty, which it was. But still same problem 20-30 kicks cold 10-40 kicks hot to get it started and erratic idle. i'm starting to get a pretty beefy right leg from kicking this thing so much. so a buddy of mine asked if I had checked the valves since I bought it and I hadn't so what the heck. checked the valves all of them were out of spec. ran the numbers ordered in a new set of shims, installed them and checked clearance again all in mid spec give or take .001 of an inch. reassembled the bike. now when I kick it the bike feels like it has very healthy compression. its getting good spark, woke myself up with that on accident. and its getting fuel by the fact I flooded it multiple times from kicking it so much. ive put in fresh 91 octane and tried and tried nothing. starting fluid doesn't seem to help. however I can push start the bike and get it to run so long as I keep on the throttle. but once again the idle is erratic. it wants to idle at 11-1200 rpm then randomly jump up to 3000 without me touching the throttle, or it will just stall. anyone run into stuff like this or have any ideas?