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    2011 ktm350sxf cooling fan mod.

    Motonack which hoses did you run?
  2. zstumpf

    2011 ktm350sxf cooling fan mod.

    Thanks a lot! Any regular computer fans work?
  3. zstumpf

    2011 ktm350sxf cooling fan mod.

    As of right now I'm running only engine ice thinking of doing the impeller and rad hoses and cap but don't want to spend all that money to not fix the problem. Been running lots of tight stuff more of a woods guy and with 85-90 degree weather it's hard to keep it cooled off and the reason those kits don't work is because of the tank theirs not much clearance between tank and rad
  4. zstumpf

    2011 ktm350sxf cooling fan mod.

    They make them for the 350xc but not the 350sxf as far as I could find even my local dealer couldn't help me get one because they don't make one for my bike they said
  5. zstumpf

    sxf / xcf reliability

    Surfez where did you get your cooling fan at? I need one for my 11 350
  6. Hey everyone new to thumper talk I have been a Honda guy all my life switched to ktm and love it but anyhow I have a 2011 ktm350sxf and I cannot keep the bike cooled down. My running engine ice now was thinking bigger waterpump but that will only move more coolant. They do not make a fan kit for the 11 350 so has anyone made one? Any help would be appreciated. Looking for part numbers for fans to fit between the rad and gas tank again thanks a lot