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  1. Tetsuichi

    Oil cooler kits for the XT350

    Thanks a lot for the update and your continued effort in organizing this whole thing. I will post from time to time just to show my continued interest as I know people sometimes vanish once the ball start rolling.
  2. Tetsuichi

    Oil cooler kits for the XT350

    It's been a month, any further developments?
  3. Tetsuichi

    So i got a little cocky doing wheelies

    fuuuuuuck fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck
  4. Tetsuichi

    Oil cooler kits for the XT350

  5. Tetsuichi

    Oil cooler kits for the XT350

    I'm interested. Is it possible to get just the cover, and folks can source their own sink and hoses?
  6. Tetsuichi

    XT350 stubborn flywheel.

    Yeah I found the little plug. I thought about reusing it but I ended up just filling the hole with jbweld highheat epoxy putty. I sanded everything, cleaned it up with rim cleaner and wax/grease remover, and covered the other plugs just for good measure. 150km and no sign of the leak.
  7. Tetsuichi

    XT350 stubborn flywheel.

    And here's the pearl inside. I was having one of those oil leaks from behind the stator that seem all too common with these bikes. The hole im pointing at is presumably leftover from the casting process, and should be plugged, but I guess over time these tend to deteriorate and fall out.
  8. Tetsuichi

    XT350 stubborn flywheel.

    I got it off! I just went back to it after 2 days of giving up and it just popped right off. I did poke the woodruff key a couple times with a screwdriver in case it was bound up, but I'm doubtful that was the solution. I think what it was was the continued agitation of me trying over and over again. Perhaps a dozen cycles of torque and release is better than just more torque. The 3 days of the pene-grease sinking in probably helped too. Hopefully this thread helps someone out in the future.
  9. Tetsuichi

    XT350 stubborn flywheel.

    I can pick up a heat gun from work, but is boiling water better?
  10. Tetsuichi

    XT350 stubborn flywheel.

    Hmm maybe i'll give that a go. I tried heating with a propane torch but I was afraid to wreck something so I probably didn't get it a hot as it needed to be.
  11. Tetsuichi

    XT350 stubborn flywheel.

    I'm having trouble pulling the flywheel/rotor off my '96 XT350. I have the correct 27mm puller and I plugged the end of the crankshaft with an m10x1.25 bolt. I've tried torque + tapping the puller with a hammer, torque + heat, torque + pene-grease, and still nothing. I'm not sure the exact amount of torque im applying but I can stand on my 18" breaker bar with most of my 140 lbs, I figured it shouldn't require that much force and that anything more is going to cause some damage. I'm actually applying so much pressure that the end of my m10 bolt is just starting to shave away at the end of my flywheel puller, which is an added annoyance because now I have metal filings piling up around my stator. I can't see any visible rust or corrosion, and I had no trouble pulling out the flywheel retaining bolt. I don't know what could be causing the snag Could it have anything to do with the woodruff key? are those things known to get bound up?