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    Ignition Problem. KLX250sf

    Your spot on jct, it was a combo problem. I was able to jump it and it would not stay running just off the stator/rectifier. Had Good stator voltage, around 30 volts before going into the Rectifier. Only 4 volts going to the battery. The new battery I bought would sit around 12.5 volts but drop to 8-9 volts with ignition on. I assumed that battery was good and something was drawing the battery down. Was a pretty good headache. Replaced that battery and rectifier, now all is normal.
  2. jimfromthecity

    Ignition Problem. KLX250sf

    I think I found out the hard way that my battery charger is junk as well as my rectifier. I spent half a day going through the harness chasing a non existent problem. I know every plug and wire color in the harness now. Got fed up and tried jump starting it off my truck as a last shot in the dark. Fired right up. Only getting 4 volts at the battery terminal. Good stator voltage.
  3. jimfromthecity

    Ignition Problem. KLX250sf

    Hi guys, I've got a new one for me. The bike was running great today and I killed the ignition with the kill switch, went to restart the bike and it did nothing. The gauges went blank (no power). I suspected loose terminal but was not. Replaced the battery. Now, when I try to start it, it starts like it should but immediately dies as soon as I let off the starter button. It's like the ignition (coil,igniter?) is only on during the starter button press. Should I fear the igniter or interlock diode unit? Trying to find the common denominator on the circuit diagram is a head scratcher. The Starter relay, and starter control relay seem to function correctly. Any tips would be great, Thanks guys.