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  1. Guys, I have been looking for a sub mount steering stabilizer for my 02 250 and all I can find are top mounts for my year. I have pro taper top clamp on it. I spoke with gpr and they don't make the kit with the top triple clamp or any kit for an 02, they stated the reason is there were about 5 different configuration between 01-03 they couldn't make one kit. Scott's only offers a top mount for a 7/8 bar. I have heard of guys swapping triple clamps off an 05 rmz 450, which from what I understand will still clamp my kyb fine. My question is, do any of you know if there is a newer model year rm stabilizer that would work? Will a swap to rmz clamps allow me to run an rmz stabilizer? If so what is needed other than the clamps? I suppose I would just need the bottom clamp as the top could be ordered with the stabilizer. Because of the top pro taper clamps with bolt on perches, is there one that will work with that? I figured I'd ask you guys, hoping someone has struggled with this before, or if anyone has a logical solution to this. Thanks!
  2. dakmak

    RM265 Vibration question

    Zig06, thanks for the reply, I have gone over all the mounts and they seem to be tight. I looked at the link you posted, that looks great, the only issue is I run hand guards on it. I am going to try a set of pillow top grips to see if that helps at all and go from there. Thank you!
  3. dakmak

    RM265 Vibration question

    Hey guys, my first post here and have a question. I purchased a 2002 RM250 with a US chrome 265 cylinder kit with a Wiseco piston. When you first start riding it you really don't notice the vibration until a few laps in. Eventually I can't feel my hand and it makes it hard to hold on to the grip. Is this normal with a bigger bore 2 stroke? It isn't that large of an increase so I am not sure if it can cause this. If this is common, what do you guys recommend to help reduce it? I have pro taper top clamps on it, can I run a set of rubber mounted bar clamps? Sorry for all the questions, I love the bike and just want to be able to put some more laps in, I just had the suspension done by Factory Connection and it is a completely different bike! BTW, a google search on jetting helped me out on this site with the jetting of the bike, glad I finally joined. If anyone cares, here are my jetting specs, maybe this will help someone in the future. It could probably be tweaked a little (leaner main) but it runs clean, 0-500'. NE3W needle on 3rd clip 172 main 42 Pilot Choke mounted air screw 12 clicks out 7 slide Stock power Anthony