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  1. I figured lol. I hate to have to ask but is there any way you guys could link me to a place to buy the genuine part? I'm not one to ask others to do my internet research for me but I honestly can't find it anywhere.
  2. I bought a carb rebuild kit for supposedly a (05-07 rmz 450). It wasn't a genuine Keihin part, so I suppose it is possible that the new needle and emulsion tube have a looser tolerance than my old genuine Keihin needle/tube. I'm going to put the old one in and drop the needle one more clip and see what it does, if not I may need to just sack up and buy the genuine parts.
  3. Any specific reason for this? I was under the impression that the Carmichael edition engines were the same as the normal 450's. And update: The pilot fuel screw is sitting at 2 1/4 turns out and idles excellent with NO MORE popping/crackling on decel, so I'm good there! The low throttle stumble however is still not cured. I dropped the needle 1 clip leaner using the existing needle/emulsion tube, and it may have helped just a tad, but was not noticeable. I went ahead and bought a new needle and emulsion tube, set the needle back to the factory clip position, and re-installed (just to get a baseline to see if there was a noticeable improvement over the old needle/emulsion tube) The problem became much worse, with bad stumbling, and a good bit of black smoke being presesnt on a quick rev. Going to play with needle position a bit with this needle/tube combo, but if it doesn't get any better I'll just throw the old needle/tube back in. Have not played with the accelerator pump yet.
  4. Awesome, just the answer I was looking for. Thanks so much for the help man, I'm still waiting for a few parts to come in, but when they arrive I'll try out your suggestions and report back! Thanks again!
  5. Bump. Just looking for some opinions.
  6. Hi guys, first post here. I just picked up a 07 RM-Z 450 Carmichael edition a few weeks ago, and this bike is mostly all good, but this is my first big four stroke and I have a few questions. So the dilemma is, at the very first crack of the throttle, barely moving it off idle as you're slipping out the clutch, the bike has a wicked stumble. It'll stumble for 1 second or so and then catch itself and run perfectly strong. The warmer the bike gets the less noticeable the issue is. The other thing is, on decel it pops and crackles a pretty good amount, more than what I'd think is acceptable. So I've neared the conclusion that the pilot jet is lean. The bike has a full Pro Circuit T-4 header and silencer combo, and from what I've seen (and cross checked in the service manual), the jetting is stock. I ordered a pilot fuel screw for it so that I can play with the low speed mixture and see if I can improve things, but I'd really like to get the feedback of the community here before I proceed. When pulled apart, I noticed the exhaust valve stems were white (possibly indicating a lean condition??) The plug however looked fairly good by my standards, burning a nice tan color. I've attached a few photos of the electrode and the exhaust valves. Haven't put feeler gauges on the tappets yet, but that is also on the agenda. IMG_4643 by oh1slowsix, on Flickr IMG_4641 by oh1slowsix, on Flickr Thanks in Advance, Corey