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    New to Supermoto - have questions

    I'm thinking SM may be the way to go and then just get a set of tires/wheels that are more off road oriented. I know the shocks on a DRZ S are not inverted but I don't think that would be too much of an issue otherwise.
  2. I've been watching some YT videos of people on supermoto bikes along with ADV bikes like a KTM 690 Endure R and I'm kinda confused about what you can actually do with those bikes. I've seen supermoto races where they're on pavement and dirt but the local dealer where I'd buy the bike says they're really just for the road. That makes me wonder if you could put some slightly different tires on the smaller rims to ride like light off-road or fire service roads/gravel stuff? I like the KTM 690R Enduro as well which has a more off-road bias which I think I'm okay with but it's a fair amount more expensive. I've ridden street bikes for over 10 years and currently have a Ducati Multistrada and my goal is to just have something different and fun to play around with. I WANT to like the supermoto route but not sure it lines up with my goals if all it's good for is the street. I'd say I want to be able to ride off-road on the roads I mentioned above about 50% of the time...no interest in muddy roads.