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    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    room for 2. motel 6...
  2. motojay81

    Can't seem to get jetting correct

    hey everyone, don't mean to high jack this post, but I just got a '16 DRZ400-SM...I'm in California, so I get to deal with all the emissions bullshit too! point being...I'm probably 240lbs. with gear on..I'm in San Diego...so sea level also...in know JACK SHIT when it comes to carbs and stuff, however, I love to tinker...I have basic mechanical knowledge..change oil, brakes, fluids, spark plugs, i.e....I need to keep the $$$ low, but I definitely want to do the Yoshimura rs-2 full system, re-jet, cut 3x3 hole in the air box...I think that should help
  3. I too am new to the DRZ400-SM '16...live in California, so gotta yank all that c.a.r.b. crap off..want to open her up a bit ....Yoshimura full system, Dynojet kit, and 3x3 hole in the air box....I just wanted to ask about an ignition advancer.? does anyone use them, any benefit? on my 02 Kawasaki ZX-6R, I also advanced the ignition by 3° I believe it was, anyway, you know what I'm sayin..thanks in advance, for the imput I receive from all of you!!
  4. personally, I've only owned sport bikes, a few track days as well as racing school's..i.e. Freddie Spencers..and 1 other, I forget the name...point being, I too am having a tough time as far as how the faaack I ride this thing at Mach II...even quick canyon riding style...it's just natural for my knee to start to move, followed with hips, arse, and so on....I've seen cats almost dragging ELBOWS on these things!!! NUCKING FUTS!!
  5. motojay81

    Just installed my sm setup

    OH hell yes!! very bad ass
  6. motojay81

    DRZ400SM set up? And what gear should I get?

    my whole life, until 2 months ago that is, I've ridden/raced sport bikes...so, it's a bit more than odd trying to learn how to ride the DRZ400-SM, the BEST super moto on the planet, only when parts don't fall off while riding though...lol
  7. motojay81

    DRZ400SM set up? And what gear should I get?

    personally, I run these www.joerocketdirect.com/joe-rocket-speedmaster-1-piece-suit-1050-00-sps.html as well as these www.araiamericas.com/helmets/xd4/black-frost www.sidisport.com/en/products/motorcycle/boots/racing/b2 & since the company SHIFT went out of business, I can't show you what gloves, but they are leather race gloves, armor on every knuckle! (I got them for like 60% off cause they went under...)
  8. motojay81

    What Gearing Ratio is for Me?

    I agree with ^^^
  9. motojay81

    DRZ400sm Bar Ends

    holy cow! I just noticed that I'm missing a bar end on my '16 DRZ400 SM WITH LESS THAN 200 MILES ON THE CLOCK!!!! anyone able to help a brother out? ? thanks
  10. motojay81

    What to get?

    a DRZ 400SM
  11. motojay81

    Dirt Bike seat/ tail modification