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    Headshake throws me over the bars every second ride haha
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    Headshake throws me over the bars every second ride haha
  2. I look at myself as a novice lol. Yeah I was going to try the most soft pv spring before I buy a flywheel and compare the difference. Would a 11oz be no good for mx? With a higher spring of course.
  3. Hey I’m getting a husqvarna tc250 to ride at max tracks and a little trail. Mostly tracks. I want a flywheel to tame the hit down and I am wondering what is the best one that makes the bike predictable.
  4. Also. Is it worth straight swapping it for my bike. I see mine going for $5500-6000 Australian dollar. What is the 14 tc20 worth? Has 30-40 hours and looks clean
  5. I’d say 125. I think it would be a more pleasant upgrade then a heavy 250f
  6. Yeah. I’ve had an old RM250 so kind of have the feel of 2 strokes. Thanks mate
  7. Hey. I’m looking at swapping my 2016 crf250r for a 2014 husqvarna tc250. I just started getting into motocross from riding on property’s and I just don’t like the weight of my 250f, and don’t want to have to keep a 125 on the pipe all the time. I’m 17 btw. I was thinking of putting a flywheel on the tc250 but how much would it mellow It down? Thanks
  8. Lmao siding read year braahh
  9. Had a Honda 70. Good bike to learn on but I would go a crf50.. I even want one to mess around on
  10. 125. What brand do you have in mind? I would suggest the ktm 125sx
  11. been riding for 4 years maybe 5 on a Chinese 140
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    Good fun ski, can take money to run tho.
    Good fun ski, can take money to run tho.