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  1. Timrumble

    Fly FR5 boots

    No one?
  2. Timrumble

    Fly FR5 boots

    Does anyone have any experience with the New Fly FR5 boots?
  3. Timrumble

    New to me KLX 140L

    We had 13/52 on my boys 2010 140L. It worked better, but we did a few other mods to try to get more out of it.It was a awesome bike or him to learn on.
  4. My youngest had been asking me if he could have a KTM like his big brother and his dad, so we started of by getting him a 2015 KTM 65 SX that was in good condition. With me being a sucker for detail, I decided to get his little SX as close as possible to what I think a modern day 65 XC would be. I started of by purchasing the following: 1. 13 tooth front sprocket 2. Steahly heavy flywheel weight (11oz.) 3. Tusk Reed Spacer 4. Tusk Enduro Handguards I used a bit of nylon strap webbing I had lying around to make a rear lifting strap. Something that I have always had on my bikes and always comes in handy. Second to install were the Tusk Enduro Handguards in orange. They were a easy install. All of about 10 min. Then I changed the 14 tooth front sprocket for a 13 tooth. A simple task using circlip pliers. Make sure you clean the shaft and surrounding area before fitting the new sprocket. Next up was the Flywheel Weight. I started off by removing the seat, tank, spark plug and flywheel cover. I got the piston to about 12mm from TDC and started threading a 4mm piece of rope (400mm long) in through the sparkplug hole. I let the last 100mm hang out of the hole. This acted as my engine locking device. The flywheel nut was removed and the instructions for the Steahly Flywheel Weight installation were followed. As there were no gaskets with the installation kit, I used gasket maker to seal between the cover spacer and engine. Last on the list (for now) was the Reed Spacer. To make things easier for myself I removed the silencer and the bottom 2 bolts on the subframe and loosened the top 2 subframe bolts. This allowed me to flip the subframe and back plastics up and out of my way. I then removed the shock and the carburettor which gave me clear access to the reed block. I removed the reed block and fitted the spacer with its gaskets between the engine intake and the reed block. I had to do some mods on the Tusk Reed Spacer as the holes did not line up and the spacer did not sit flush against the engine. I then put the bike back together, checked and double checked every nut and bolt and am patiently awaiting feedback from my youngest. Now all we need is a larger fuel tank………….
  5. Timrumble

    2011 KTM 150 No Mid-Range - Power Valve?

    dizo, Did you solve the problem? My boys 2012 150xc is doing exactly the same. PV set to Langston position.