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  1. smackey

    Decided on a 2 stroke

    Looks well, always wanted a suz
  2. smackey

    Homemade Bump Seat

    hummm, i might try it.. was it hard to pull the standard seat cover over it?
  3. my brothers 05 crf250 and my 08 crf450, just serviced both today and stuck on the new back grounds.. ready for abuse tomorrow..
  4. smackey

    Homemade Bump Seat

    Is there any great need for these other then to stop you sliding back?
  5. smackey


    quick one. Will crf250 rims fit a crf450?
  6. smackey

    From 2 smoke to a 450..?

    I've had a kxf250 before and know the whole manti thing, And i ridden my dads 03crf450 and liked the power, smoother then my 2 smoke but a wee bit heavier.. I'm kinda headin towards the crf's but also like the look of the kawa..
  7. I've got a cr250 05 atm and looking to change for a new ish 450 07/08. I'd be looking at crf's, kxf's and rmz's mainly.. but heard a couple of storys about rmz's having crank case problems..?? can anyone guide me..?
  8. smackey

    what to look out for when buying a used 450

    going to look at a 08 kxf450.. have they any major faults or anythin up with them..?? btw only ment to be 26 hours on this one..?
  9. smackey

    2001 CR250R Before and After Pics

    cool, man keep the pipe nice and shine and on show..
  10. smackey

    fitting an aftermarket cam? help!!

    thanks for the replies lads.. I wanta try get the bike goin before next weekend. If anyone has any pic's of a standard cam with the timing marks and the lobes visibleIt would help a load and would save me the 3 hour drive to the tuners!!
  11. hey, I'm rebuilting my brothers bike after he stripped it but there are no timing marks on the cam, I'm not sure what make it is as it was fitted to the bike when we got it and the tit that my brother was didn't mark it as he removed it!! Here's is a few pic's. I think it needs to sit some where like this but there is to much play to say.. Has anyone got any pictures of standard cam's, or any ideas that might help..
  12. I suck at photoshop but could some one please try, not sure where to begin. Just a standard crf.. With a turbo like shape stuck to it.. lol...
  13. smackey

    Gear colour??

    good points... i like stuff to match haha.. i'm strange that way.. lol... naaa, the green stuff looks well.. I seen the red and white nofear gear today it looks the part was also lookin at the gold stuff they have.. not sure now, thor or no fear?? Is the no fear any good??
  14. smackey

    Gear colour??

    I need new gear and I want it to suit the rest of my bike and helmet but not sure what will work, I'm open to ideas. I have the balck and red thor core gear which is real good so was thinkin of gettin it in black and white or maybe somthing like blue.. what do yous think?? my bike not sure if blue would suit..