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  1. Dstanley

    Crank to case oil seal 1986 xl600

    Awesome ! Thanks
  2. There are 2 seals I can't locate part numbers for . One is the oil seal that presses into the clutch side cover where the crank meets the case. The second is the o ring that makes the seal from the oil pump to the side cover. The Honda OEM parts diagrams show the outside of the case but not the inside. Thanks
  3. This was a basket case I picked up that was not running . I followed the procedure to set the valves only to find out the timing chain had jumped. I ended up pulling the motor resetting the timing. After I put it back together It ran except for heavy oil burning. I pulled the motor again to complete a valve job , ring job and new timing chain. It would have been easier if Honda designed the frame to allow service while in the frame ! Lol Thanks guys !
  4. Looking to do a ring job. Is this an OEM Honda piston ? Bore is 100mm Thanks Guys !
  5. Dstanley

    Bore or Re-Ring 1986 xl600r Advice Needed

    Thanks , good point. I went ahead and ordered the next size piston !
  6. Dstanley

    Bore or Re-Ring 1986 xl600r Advice Needed

    Thanks guys , I Ordered the 101mm piston , I will have it bored to suit. I did a Lapp job on my valves , it's hard to tell if I removed material or not . I am considering just bringing them in for a valve job. What's the going rate to complete a valve job ? Unfortunately in Canada it's hard to find good pricing on parts. My parts sources quoted $270 for the same piston I can buy from the US for 130.
  7. Here are the measurements on my xl. I am wondering if I can get away with boring or just a ring job. The cylinder measures 100.2mm at the largest point in the I.d. The very o.d of the sleeve measures 105.2mm. Can I get away boring this to 101mm or do they make a 100.5mm piston. At 101mm the sleeve would only have about 2.25mm of wall where it enters the main case. Option 2 would be to rehone and go with oversize rings. The piston seems to have slight wear at the top as it measures 99.6mm but the body does not seem to have any. It looks like they have .25 and .5mm rings. Are these for bore diameters that are .25 or .5mm oversize?
  8. Dstanley

    1986 XL600R Smokes

    My bore measures 100.25mm , the bore and piston are in great shape. Can I get away with just a ring job if I buy oversize rings ? what bore sizes will each range of oversize rings cover ?
  9. Dstanley

    1986 XL600R Smokes

    Anyone know a good source for aftermarket gaskets etc ? Also best place for oem parts in us or Canada ? Thanks everybody for the help.
  10. Dstanley

    1986 XL600R Smokes

    I only ran it a few minutes. When I tor it down , the rockers , cam etc looked just like they did prior. My plan is to hone , new rings, valve seals and Lapp job. With a ring gap of .045" would that be the smoking gun for the smoking ? Could the smoke been the result of the extra oil pressure in the lower case due to the missing seal ?
  11. Dstanley

    1986 XL600R Smokes

    Thanks for the pic's My ring gap is .045" so it is well over the .02" service limit. I will measure the bore and see where it stands. Where is the best place to order gaskets / rings in the U.S ? Are there good quality aftermarket suppliers ? If so what brand ?
  12. Dstanley

    1986 XL600R Smokes

    Valvesrule When I pulled the motor the first time I found an Oring on my bench. At the time I did not know where it was from or if it was from my bike. Today when I was inspecting the oil pump I realized the oil passes into the side cover than into the filter. The oil Oring was not present when I started the motor. I will check the ring gap tomorrow, does the clymer manual show how to measure it ? Thanks everybody for the input !
  13. Dstanley

    1986 XL600R Smokes

    Well I pulled the motor and opened it up expecting to see excessive wear on the cylinder or something that may explain the smoke. So far it looks like I can rule out the cylinder . The bore is flawless and the piston looks almost new. I flipped the head and filled the dome with thinners, in 10 minutes it may have seeped a couple of millimetres . I will check it in the morning. In the pic you can see that the valves hit the piston. Could this have happened if the timing jumped ? I plan to pull the valves and continue the inspection.
  14. Dstanley

    1986 XL600R Smokes

    Hi Guys ! Great Forum . I picked up a non running project bike. The seller said it ran but he could not get it started after a bike wash. I tried for a couple of days identifying there was spark , gas but could not get it started. I suspected the timing but had to pull the motor from the frame. After removing the valve cover I could see the timing was out. I was not sure if it jumped or what happened. I put the motor back in the frame and it started right up. Unfortunately it smokes like a bitch . There is even oil splattering out the exhaust. From what I have read it seems it could be valve guides or cylinder blow by. Is there something I could be missing or should I just pull the motor and complete a valve job and the top end? Bike has 30k miles but is a bitch to kick over , I will check compression tomorrow.
  15. HI Guy’s Great forum! Thanks in advance for the help ! I picked a 1986 xl600R that is not running. The bike will not start but it appears to have spark (just a visual observation that it has a faint spark) . Even with either (quick start) I could not get it to start. After reading up on the bike I would like to start with the electrical and go through the process of elimination. Stator Check Using my multi meter I checked the red/black lead to ground. The reading I get is .266 ohms when I am on the 2K setting . Is this out of spec ? When I put my multi meter on the (1) setting I can’t get a reading. I was expecting to use the (1) setting and see a value since I am looking for 230-320 ohms. Is there a service manual I can buy for this bike that I can download? I currently only have the Xr manual.