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  1. We are not getting spark. The carb n jets are perfect, but we are not getting spark. What could it be Sometimes it fires right up and is beautiful and other times nothing. We all were just about to go riding too. What a friggon nightmare
  2. Question about to choke- Had the carb apart, and was looking at how the choke works, and seems when I lifted my choke lever up, it seemed like the little brass piece that goes in the carb barley moves up n down. Is that normal? Or should it be moving a lot? It only goes up a quarter of an inch- if that.
  3. Right on, will do. Buying a spark plug too. Anything else I should be doing?
  4. I brought my little girls pw 50 down to sacramento ca to visit my family and ride for them for the first time. It's an early 80s pw 50. The thing always fired right up no problem. May not of sounded the cleanest bc it was old but man it never had a problem starting But now there's a problem. It was running funny a few weeks ago. It would fire right up, but once the choke was off, it would rev super high then bog down and die So we cleaned the filter, changed the oil, fresh gas, and once I came down here we tore the carb apart and cleaned that. HERES THE PROBLEM. Every time we tear it apart and clean it, the bike fires up instantly. Again and again sounding great. We get excited and then.... After it sits for a little while, whether a day or an hour, it will not start again.. Choke on, choke off, doesn't matter. What could it be guys. I drove 16 hours for my little girl to go riding with her family, my parents, and we're at a loss. Thanks.