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    2017 yz450fx neutral kill switch.

    How did you pull the thing out? I feel like its going to break. I believe they fit, havent put them on yet because of this wire.
  2. Hi all, just picked up a 2017 yz450fx. Awesome bike. Im trying to change the stock clutch lever with asv lever. Dont know what to do with the neutral kill switch wire that goes into the stock clutch lever. I cant even remove it. Will this ruin anything if i cut it? Thanks.
  3. Had some time today to wrench on the bike. Tested the valves, all looked good. Put it all back together with a new timing chain and tensioner, fired up on the first kick. My bike was not a one kick bike when i bought it, but it is now! I think Gray's theory was correct about the bike sitting for so long, making the timing chain rust and stick, causing the chain to bind and jump time. It was larger than the new one and certainly had sticky links. Thank you guys for all the help! [emoji106]
  4. Your input has been much appreciated silver! I agree with you, i think it's probably ok. Ill do a solvent test tomorrow. Im assuming a shop wouldnt be able to test the valves if i brought them the head? Or they would probably just do a solvent test too? Also, is it recommended to resurface the head before re-install? Or would a good cleaning do? I got new gaskets ordered. I figure i may as well ask you all and get it done right the first time rather than a shot in the dark. I appreciate both of your speedy responses!
  5. Alright guys got the head off. Here are some pictures. Looks like there was contact but very light. Probably from me kicking it when it first died. What do you guys thing? Whats my next step?
  6. I got to looking at my flywheel and see there are two marks. One wide mark (left) and one dash(right). Originally i used the dash (shown to the right) for tdc, maybe this was the cause to my starting problems? Which is the correct mark for tdc? Ive searched this topic but couldn't find anything with marks similar to mine. Also, how do you test valves with solvent? Thanks guys.
  7. Well thanks gray and silver for your input. Ill do some more poking around. If the valves and piston check out, ill replace the chain & tensioner and hopefully she fires right up.
  8. Thanks gray. That would make sense. I changed the oil as soon as a bought it, i wouldnt be suprised if that wasnt the first oil change its had, it was dirty. Would you recommend a new tensioner?
  9. Thanks gray, do you have any input on why this might have happened on a bike with such low hours? Do u think the valves may have slapped the piston? Im just confused on why it seems to run good, but so impossible to start. I know i can answer all my questions if i pull it apart, but i dont have time right now, and ill lose sleep over it all week.
  10. And ya the bike warmed up.
  11. Ya i suppose ill pull it off and let you know. Ive never gone that deep into the engine before but no time like the present! One other thing while i got your attention, i cant seem the pull that fly wheel cover off. It seems to be stuck on a spring or something. Am i missing something?
  12. Thats what im afraid of. What about the fact that it did fire and run fine on the stand? And why would this happen in the first place? Very frustrating:/
  13. It seems ok, but this is just idling in my garage with a few revs. I cant really ride it here. It is very difficult to start. Tried to start it today and gave up. Something is still wrong. A lot of kick back, its never been like that before.
  14. They cam lobes are oriented where they should be at tdc according to the manual, just by visual comparison. They may have slipped though.