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  1. Yendox

    Renthal 520 Mud Sprocket

    I took the bike to a local shop called Moto One and they said on that specific sprocket numbers and letters face in. Renthal support also agreed with Moto One. Thanks for everyone who offered advice.
  2. Yendox

    Renthal 520 Mud Sprocket

    Ok sounds good. Thank you for at least trying. I also looked at my manual and nothing really gave me a solid answer. I would assume the side with the most clearance would go towards the motor and I only say that is because that is how the old sprocket came off. If you look at the second picture the ring around the hole are similar but I am not experienced enough with dirt bikes to say that is the way it should go, facing the motor. I have several people saying letters facing out. I just got a curve ball thrown to me by the manufacture. Thanks for all the help and if anybody feels like adding any more guidance and help I would also appreciate it.
  3. Yendox

    Renthal 520 Mud Sprocket

    So before I asked the question on here I got in contact with Renthal's support department. He told me the sprocket faces with the letters towards the motor. He says they do try to make sure the letters face out but for my specific bike it doesn't work like that he said. Now I have 2 of you guys saying the opposite of the manufacturer of the product. Can you guys tell me if it really makes a difference other than 2-3mm of clearance from one side to the other?
  4. Yendox

    Renthal 520 Mud Sprocket

    Ok thank you.
  5. Yendox

    Renthal 520 Mud Sprocket

    Ok thank you. Just for future reference, which way would the old sprocket face?
  6. Yendox

    Renthal 520 Mud Sprocket

    The way the picture is orientated is how old one came off bike front and back side of sprocket. The lettering and numbers would be facing engine if that is how new sprocket would go. Any help appreciated. Facing away from engine compared to old one. (This side away from engine and you can see snap ring markings on old sprocket) Facing the engine compared to old sprocket. (This is the way I think it goes on this side towards engine)
  7. Yendox

    Renthal 520 Mud Sprocket

    I have the old sprocket (don't know the brand)and new Renthal 520 Mud sprocket. I'm a beginner when dealing with dirt bikes. I am mechanically incline. Replaced chain and rear sprocket at same time. The new sprocket looks different from old one. I have pictures to show orientation on how I think it goes on but not sure. Do I face lettering to outside or towards engine? To me when I compare to the old one looks like the lettering should go towards engine.