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  1. Hi, Very interested in your build, I am currently rebuilding my nu50m, I have an 82 urban deluxe, just upgraded with athena 70cc cylinder, piston and head, Mikuni VM20 carb, stock Honda Hobbit pipe, new racing wrist pin bearing. I chose not to go with aftermarket exhaust, I had a hobbit proma circuit pipe and it was way too loud. I also have a gates bx belt and removed three vario weights. I plugged my oil injector hole so no more oil pump, yay! If you are interested in how I plugged my oil injection hole, I can get the part # for you. Questions I have for you: 1. What tires are those and will they fit on stock urban tires? 2. What front fork is that from? 3. Is the front wheel from another bike or did you install the disk brake? Also, because I am going with stock hobbit pipe granted it fits, what would you recommend for an Idle and main jet, I was thinking of going with 130 main and 17.5 idle, just not sure.