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  1. June 17 update beta isn't going to help me or the dealer with the issue. My dealer on the other hand has chosen to fix the tranny and oil side at no cost to me. I guess after the oil side treads came out on his watch he understood my frustration.
  2. This is a great update. Dealer worked with me on price and put a time sert in the tranny plug. Here is where it gets good I asked the dealer to change the oil side along with other services. He called me today to tell me that when he pulled the oil plug the treads came out with it. Now that the oil side is stripped from the dealer doing the oil change. I think they believe me now that it happened on there watch.
  3. The dealer only has 2 employees owner and manager the manager is also the tech that works on everything. I would call beta but I can't find a number for them.
  4. I am just giving you information from the dealer. They told me come back at 500 miles.
  5. I dropped the bike off Tuesday morning the tech decided to use a flathead screw driver and pry the remaining threads. Then said we will call you. It's now Friday and I finally gave up on waiting and called down to the manager/tech and he informed me that beta won't touch the bike or help in anyway. His hesitation made me feel like he never called beta. I then ask how much for the repair so I can fix it and sale it and he didn't know. Then he laught a little and said are you done with beta? Not sure what to do now. I have a really expensive heavy downhill bike.
  6. Yup first oil change and yes I used a 1/4" snap on to try and get it off and it wouldn't move, so I stepped it up to a 3/8 long handle snap on ratchet and finally got it off. I drained to the oil and after draining I got a clean rag to wipe the excess oil around the opening and the rag was getting hung up on some burrs so I slid under the bike with a little flash light and that's what I found didn't want to go any further without the dealer looking at it.
  7. The plug was never installed the damage seen in the picture was after the plug was pulled out. I didn't even try to install the plug. I will be taking the bike the my dealer tomorrow for further inspection.
  8. This will be my 2nd summer with my 2015 BETA 430 rr and today I went to change all my fluids and just like anyone I like to clean and inspect everything before it goes back together. Well today I found a hole right through the side of the threads that hold the transmission plug in (I will try to add a picture). I really hope beta will work with me on this if not I will have to start looking at KTM or Husky bikes.