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  1. New user, first post. So, I just bought a vintage dual shocker. Kind of matches my vintage age. The last 1980 bike I bought was a brand new CR 250. I have had other bikes since the good old days, but the thumper was in pretty good shape w/ only 3000 miles. Not bad for $500.00. Still has the original front tire, but needs a new one, and its a 23" wheel. That's not going to work, because only two tires made now fit it, and both are mediocre. Not a fan of the drum brake either. I plan on lightening the bike a bit, and use it for off road only. Any suggestions for converting to a 21" front rim with a disc? Wonder how that will affect handling when I plan to keep the existing 18" rear? Any helpful suggestions are appreciated. This post has been promoted to a wiki