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  1. The OP's Shoxs and Forks were completed and shipped on March 31st, as originally promised.
  2. To Mr William1, Who are you and what I have I done for you to bad mouth me and lie to everyone on where I live? Speak the truth, your post makes it sound like I live in the slums of Chicago where someone dies everyday by the gun. I dare you to come visit my shop and let me give you the grand tour of what all I do, despite your post, I promise not to shoot you for Trespassing. Work out of my tiny house in the bad side of town, bs! You don't have a clue what you are saying unless you have a motive to lie. I'am proud to say that our tiny home on a 3/4 acre lot was expanded from 1200 sg ft to 1800 sq ft, and I do not work out of my house. My shop is a 2 story, 640 sq ft barn located 150 ft behind the house. Surrounding our little strip of 12 homes, is a cattle farm to the north before you enter the town of Ashland a mile away, to our west is a farm, to the south is woods and farm land used for hunting. Go to the Hanover County GIS site, we are zoned as Agriculture and surround by properties owned by the local farming families. Thor