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  1. I just put a set of continentals on for similiar reasons, have Reynouds in my fingers and the rough tires I had were killing my hands with vibrations....the Continentals are sweet.
  2. Scott T.

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    That's on the backside of Green Mtn near Tahuya (WA) - on private property but was so cool I had to stop, the guys were waiting at the top of the mtn for me...
  3. Scott T.

    82 XL500R Steel tank,,

    HIGHLY doubt that. Had an 82 250, had a friend that had an 83 500 - I remember the tank being MUCH larger... Just my memory though, from 1983 That 500 was a cool bike!
  4. Scott T.

    The Vintage XT 250

    Mod can you move this to the Vintage section? I hadn't seen that one. THanks!
  5. Scott T.

    Suggestions for good mountain rides

    I want to do Trap Pass this year, 1.8 miles from the Brothers. Took my truck up there last year. 30 miles of road in, but yet it's only 6 miles direct LOL, there is no direct.... This is one I'd want to ride in with other riders on, no cell phones, and at least we had CB's in the trucks
  6. Scott T.

    The Vintage XT 250

    Always been a fan of these, found one in a field and restored it a few years ago (1980) - didn't get the dents ouit of the tank but otherwise she was 99%. I had one while I was in Boston area and rode all OVER the place on that one. It was an 82, bought it in 83, first "New" bike I had... Was a good bike- post a pic of yours!
  7. Scott T.

    Tahuya Spring 2016

    Hey local riders!!! I live in Silverdale and can be seen riding around once in a while. Haven't done Tahuya yet just because I didn't want to ride it alone, figured I'd meet up with some folks first time around. I've been up in the Olympics with my truck and planning a trip up to Trap Pass again, bout 30 miles in and a lot of fun in a truck so it has to be fun on a bike (Looking down 1500' into the valley)
  8. Scott T.

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    Found this cool little spot off the one track, was peaceful and cool there...
  9. Scott T.

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    DId you use an ND filter? - Nice shot! Got into this last year, although haven't had as much time as some of my friends but I've hit a few photo contests at #1. Nice I will do one similiar at the Dociwallups river in a couple weeks
  10. Scott T.

    Drz400s countershaft nut loose

    Is this a common issue? Previous owner had just put a new chain on and done a lot of the mods I see done, not sure if I need to or not but if it is a common issue I'd rather fix it here than 30 miles into the mountains...
  11. Scott T.

    Need help picking tires

    I just took a set off, LOVED Them!! But I end up riding a lot more street to GET to the dirt, and they were hard on my hands, vibration - but in the dirt- TOP notch! I'm running a halfway set now, Continentals, they do well for dual track and forest roads - perfect but probably not as well in Sand. Although I did dig the D606's in deep a few times.
  12. Scott T.

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    Puget Sound region, Seattle is across the water there about 25 miles away.
  13. Scott T.

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    New here, Silverdale WA area. Me and my bike, bought a few years ago with all of the mods I wanted, built a hauling trailer but turns out I ride it most places