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  1. I just baught s 2015 sxf250(awesome bike) but it has orange CNC aluminum hubs stamped with a victory logo. Well the hub bearings are bad and need to replace but I can't find the mfg. I tried googeling victory hubs but get nothing. I know with the tusk impact you need to order bearings from them, stock ktms don't fit. Can anyone help I want to ride next weekend but won't until I fix bearing... Thanks guys
  2. So today at track my bike started acting funny in third fourth fifth gear under full throttle it starts to pop almost like hit rev limiter but didn't...when it pops the bike loses its pull. Could valve adjustment have anything to do with this or possibly a gummed up a fuel injector seeing It is stored for weeks at a time with fuel in the gas tank it's aggravating me and I can't figure it out last time I checked valve lash adjustment I was within spec. It did this before and I was told to swap out the fuel pump seeing how the tens are known for having faulty fuel pumps so I did with a new 13 it also has a fresh rebuild it's not bad gas because I drain the fuel and tried my buddies race Fuel. Anybody have any ideas ????
  3. Hi I'm new to thumpers but just rebuilt my top end need to know the break in procedure or recommendations any advice would be great
  4. I installed a new piston today and when I was installing the retaining clips(c clips) on one side the retaining clip that I installed is with the open end lined up with the relief notch used to remove them. When I looked in the manual it said not to....to install the opened end at 6 o'clock. Will this affect any performance or oiling or do they tell you to do that so they can be removed? I tried to spin it but didn't want to scratch piston so I left it alone
  5. Ok thanks Ron I know your the one to trust I will go ahead and install and thank you to everyone for the help
  6. so I decided to replace the piston on my bike and when I took the old one out which is top of picture the opening that receives the connecting rod is larger on the New wiseco piston I bought. Which means more side to side or lateral movement I know the piston is right because I looked up the stamp numbers on piston and it comes back CRF 250 R 2010 my question is isit OK to install the new piston? The new wrist pin fits inside the old piston everything else is the same except for the opening as seen in picture please help trying to get bike going for this weekend thank you very much
  7. I need help I decided to put a new piston in my bike I ordered one from wiseco #40003m07680 and everything looks the same except where the opening is for connecting rod. It's much wider? Then new wrist pin fits in old piston so that's the same I don't understand why. Is this normal for a wiseco? Is it ok to have that much free play? Please help the old one is shaped like a hour glass wide at either end then comes in toward connecting rod. The new one stay wide all the way accross