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  1. Daniel_Likes_Bikes

    Kawasaki KX250F 2017

    My race bike. Love the hell out of it. Very thin at the shrouds which makes it feel lighter and more controllable.
  2. Daniel_Likes_Bikes

    Kawasaki KX250F (2017)


    My race bike. Love the hell out of it. Very thin at the shrouds which makes it feel lighter and more controllable.
  3. Daniel_Likes_Bikes

    WD-40 :: mud shedder or attractor?

    So I've been racing motocross this year. Got a new bike this summer and now have roughly 40 hours on it. At the tracks I see some guys spraying stuff on their bike completely before motos (thought I heard it was oil somewhere) and wiping the bike down with some kind of cleaner afterward. What are they spraying on? What can I use and what works best to keep stains away? My bike has a lot of engine stains and frame stains compared to some of the guys I race against with bikes used just as much, or even more. Any advice, tips, tricks?
  4. Daniel_Likes_Bikes

    When do I rebuild the bike?

    This is my first year racing motocross. I ride a 2017 kx250f which I bought in July. Bike is just past 30 hours. As I am still fairly new to the sport, I am not sure about when I need to be doing everything and if I need to even need to. When do I need to rebuild the bike? Should I have a mechanic build it or do it myself? I only ever ride the bike under race conditions so I'm running it pretty hard. All I ever do to the bike myself is check/shim valves, oil change, and clean the air filter as much as my dad will let me. (Probably every 10-15 hours.) Can anybody give me more information on when to get things done? I really don't want to seize the motor.
  5. Daniel_Likes_Bikes

    Bent subframe?? OCD is killing me.

    I just bought a brand new 2017 Kawasaki kx250f a couple of days ago. Everything on the bike is perfect except the rear end does not seem in line. Mainly the fender. I wouldn't think the subframe would be bent since it is brand new. Is it just the way the bolts are torqued down? Any solutions? It's hard to see it in the picture, but it is much more apparent in person.
  6. Daniel_Likes_Bikes

    Breaking In A New Bike

    Just bought a brand new bike for the first time today. It is a 2017 Kawasaki kx250f. I have begun the break in process, and I have a couple of questions. First, what would be the best way to break in the motor efficiently? All I have done so far is two, ten-minute idle sessions with no throttle blipping. I live in the suburbs, so I am not able to ride it around. I do however plan on taking it to my family's land who have a big field so I can ride it around a little. Secondly, when exactly will I know when I can ride the bike hard like normal since I race motocross? Finally, after each heat session I've done already, white smoke was coming out of the muffler after I killed the bike. I am assuming this is normal? Could you please clarify this break in process for me? Thanks in advance!
  7. Daniel_Likes_Bikes

    Buying a new 250f

    I have finally saved up enough money to buy a new bike. I race Motocross. I've narrowed it down to a 2017 kx250f or a yz250f. I'm stuck on which one I want right now though. Could you guys help me out? What are your opinions? I am open to other bikes too. (Except KTM, they are out of my budget)
  8. Daniel_Likes_Bikes

    Piston/Piston Ring wear

    Also what exactly does the piston knocking sound like compared to a normal bike
  9. Daniel_Likes_Bikes

    Piston/Piston Ring wear

    Also what exactly does the piston knocking sound like compared to a normal running bike?
  10. Daniel_Likes_Bikes

    Piston/Piston Ring wear

    Alrighty thanks for the insight. Looks like I'll probably be on the Honda again. Will I need any special tools to get into it myself? I am a beginner at engine work and the most I've managed to do is check valve clearances and put in a new clutch. My dad knows less than I do at this type of stuff. I have a feeler gauge and torque wrenches but other than that just a normal toolset. How exactly do I do a compression test? I can't find any good videos about it.
  11. Daniel_Likes_Bikes

    Piston/Piston Ring wear

    I have a 2014 kx250f that my dad bought used from a guy who only road trails, and never changed the oil or cleaned air filter. He had the bike serviced at a shop recently and they said something about the bike needing a new piston head and rings and they could hear the sound. My dad didn't ask if it was ok to ride though. Is the bike ok to be raced this weekend?
  12. I have a 2014 kx250f that I recently bought used. I've been noticing that it has been popping when I rev up the engine and let off the gas. Why is this? Is there a problem that I need to fix?
  13. Daniel_Likes_Bikes

    Rev Limiter

    I ride a 2014 kx250f. I am racing now. I've been turning into more of a rever than a grunter when it comes to my riding style. I hit the rev limiter every here and there when I am in the air. Usually right before I land back on the ground. I never hit it when my wheels are actually on the dirt. Could this cause me any problems? Should I stop?
  14. Daniel_Likes_Bikes

    How is my riding?

    I've been riding for almost 1 1/2 years now. I first got a 2004 crf150f for Christmas 2015 and riding almost every weekend, I outgrew it pretty quickly. (I live in the suburbs and nearest track is an hour away). I moved up to a 2011 crf250r in late July of 2016 and rode it until October when hockey season started for my school. Wasn't able to get back onto the bike until this April and have only ridden every other weekend since due to rain. I'm pretty much just trying to get as good as I can and have fun while doing it. Could anybody give me any riding tips? Here is a GoPro view of me at Briarcliff MX in central Ohio. (The first double I hit in the video was a pain to slow down for the corner and I can't make the inside rut)
  15. Daniel_Likes_Bikes

    Bike Cleaning and Graphics?

    Just bought a used 2014 kx250f. The bike was in bad condition cosmetically but it ran fine and we got a good deal on it. My family and I have been having an argument about whether or not to put graphics on it. The last bike we put graphics on came out terrible. There were air bubbles everywhere and the graphics were folded in places and peeling off. The new kx's plastics are all scratched up and stained. I'm worried, even if we do a better job putting the stickers on, the scratches will cause more air bubbles. Pictures: I scrubbed down the plastics as much as I could with a sponge and carwash soap. Also, I was wondering if anybody had any techniques to cleaning up the rest of the bike. The engine casing, wheel hubs, frame, and exhaust are all stained badly. I would like to get the bike back to how it was out of the factory as much as I can. My phone camera doesn't pick it up that well, but the bike has an all around dirty look to it. I've tried washing it in my driveway but didn't get much luck, though all I have to use is the hose with one of those brass nozzles you twist. (I don't know what they are called). Would I be better off spending my money somewhere else rather than graphics? All help is appreciated.