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  1. SouthernJourneyman

    Sad day for my XR650L

    Thanks for that link. Surprised I haven't run across it yet with all the searching I've been doing.
  2. SouthernJourneyman

    Sad day for my XR650L

    Thanks for all the replies. Just now getting some time off work so will be looking at it closer tomorrow. I have been doing some reading and found that I had not been checking the oil near enough. My last bike couple of bikes were very low oil consumers and I could get away with checking them around every 1000 miles or so, or about once a week. Seems I've learned a hard lesson that these air cooled thumpers need a bit more watchful eye. I'll be checking the banjo and also checking the oil line for kinks to see if there was an issue there. I'm wondering if there was a failure in a piston ring and I just didn't notice that it was smoking while going down the highway. May end up being a good excuse to do some other mods I've been looking into, 102mm and 2nd and 5th gear mods. Need to see if anything has been done with the smog stuff and what size jets this carb is running. Thinking about have the big fins added on also. Gets pretty warm here during summer months plus I would like to head down to southern California and hit some trails there.
  3. SouthernJourneyman

    Sad day for my XR650L

    Just remembered something else the PO told me, said the valve seals were a bit worn but he didn't think they needed replacing yet. Could that cause such a major amount of smoke?
  4. SouthernJourneyman

    Sad day for my XR650L

    Hey folks, haven't even had a chance to do a proper intro before asking for advice. Kinda bummed so I'll just jump right into it. I bought this bike a week ago today and have put about 400 miles on it, mostly highway travelling to work. Haven't noticed any major oil usage, haven't seen smoke or oil seeping around the cylinder head. Today on the way home, shortly after stopping for gas the bike died on the highway. Coasted off the road and started checking it out. When I checked the oil there was no oil on the stick. So I pushed it to the station(died just a few feet from exit ramp) and topped of the oil and let the bike cool down for a while. Saw some oil around the left side of cylinder head in several areas. After a while the bike started right up and I rode the rest of the way home, about 10 miles. Once I got off the highway I started seeing smoke and by the time I got into the carport it was like a freaking smoke machine. So I'm sure a top end rebuild is going to be in order. I can handle the work, just not real knowledgeable about specifics on this particular bike. Does anyone here have any advice, things I should be looking for? I'm figuring it's either a blown head gasket or shot piston ring. I won' be able to tear it down until Friday to see just how bad the damage is. I know I probably made it worse riding the bike home, but I didn't have much other choice. I just hope I haven't screwed the cylinder up to bad. Thanks for any help. Oh, almost forgot, here is what the PO has done to the bike. May or may not be useful. 101mm JE piston all new gaskets and seals new counter shaft Keihin fcr 41mm flat side carb xr600 side cover and kickstart assembly
  5. SouthernJourneyman

    Honda XR650L 2001

    Not sure yet, only had it for a week.
  6. SouthernJourneyman

    Honda XR650L (2001)


    Not sure yet, only had it for a week.