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  1. Went and checked this weekend. 50 teeth
  2. Yeah, I'll count them asap..might take a few days as I store the bike away from home. Thanks!
  3. THANK YOU. It is a WR250FB...can't seem to find much info on this model. . I'm still confused why it only goes up to ~54 mph at high rpm and cruises well at 43 mph
  4. I bought a cherry WR250R EDIT: WR250F used and was quite surprised by a number of things when I went to make the purchase. 1. It's not fuel injected (early 2012 model). 2. It only has 5 gears and tops out at about 50 MPH, which means the best I can cruise on the highway at is about 40 MPH. I very disappointed in the slow top speed. Could there be an underlying reason why I'm seeing so many people online reporting 70+ as a top speed? I just want to know why mine is so much slower and see if they're us a viable fix. Thanks BIG EDIT: I AM AN IDIOT It is a WR250FB....long story short I don't store it at my house so I had to go check what model it much for getting a titled as a wr250r...back to the DMV :'( BUT, the question still applies. 2012 WR250F is rated to go ~75 mph? See: