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  1. JerryF417

    Broken Bones!!!

    Yep as in forever Thanks
  2. JerryF417

    Broken Bones!!!

    I have to add one to my list, unfortunatley this one was one of the worst ones to break. It was my T6 vertebrae. I'm now paralyzed from my nipples down so I won't be riding for a while.
  3. I've done it more times than I can count. I've never crashed from it. It just starts back up & takes off just like a 2 stroke.
  4. JerryF417

    10-40 or 20-50 oil?

    20 w 50 will handle the heat of a high performance motor better. That's what I'd use.
  5. JerryF417

    Storing a bike in the house?

    I kept my '86 KX 250 in my living room for 6 months. I never had any noticable gas fumes but it did smell like a motorcycle shop. I used to put down a plastic table cloth to catch any drips. I used to sit on it & watch TV sometimes.
  6. JerryF417

    Carb Info

    Mine was 1 full turn out also. I haven't ridden yet since I put on the quickshot & adjusted it, but you can tell it revs way faster in neutral. Before when you hit the throttle it almost bogged but not quite. Now it instantly jumps up.
  7. JerryF417

    Will I blow my fork seals?

    Try it & see. I promise that if you let the air out of your forks & then compress them half way & let the air out again there will be pressure. I doubt that it would be enough to blow a seal unless it was about gone any way, but it does make pressure when you compress the forks.
  8. JerryF417

    Pipe comparison

    Got the pipe installed. Here's a pic. I'll see how it runs either Fri. night or Sat. morning.
  9. JerryF417

    06 Ktm 250sxf

    It says in the July issue of Dirt Bike that the bore & stroke on the production bike is 76 mm x 55 mm & the works bike is 77 mm x 54.5 mm. It also says that the production bike runs a timing chain & no counterbalancer while the works bike has a counterbalancer & a gear driven cam.
  10. JerryF417

    Pipe comparison

    UPS is dropping off my Two Brothers pipe today. I'm supposed to ride saturday so I'll let you know if it's a worth while difference.
  11. JerryF417

    hair line crack

    My KX 500 had a crack in the tank. I used a plastic welder to fix it temporarily. I bought a used tank off of eBay for $50, but I haven't switch them out yet because so far the weld is holding.
  12. JerryF417

    hard starting yz125

    I agree sounds like there is no compression. If it's only 1 month old you might want change the oil you put in your gas & the amount (should be 4 oz to 1 gallon of gas), if it's a year & a month old it's probably just worn out. Also make sure you keep your air filter clean & oiled.
  13. JerryF417

    Over Heating ????

    There wouldn't be any coolant in the oil. I f you had a radiator pressure tester you could put it on & start the bike to see if it builds press. fast. If it does you are looking in the right direction. Did you replace the head gasket when you replaced the piston? Maybe a piece of the old gasket was left on?
  14. JerryF417

    Over Heating ????

    Sounds like your head gasket is leaking compression into the radiator to me, or the head is cracked.
  15. JerryF417

    Bolt on radiator shroud??

    I just tried to take my shrouds off for the first time today & all 4 of the bolts that go into the tank have this problem. I just took the bottom bolt out instead & pulled the shrouds with the tank. I guess it really doesn't matter unless you need to replace the tank or shrouds.