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  1. It happened when clutch is out. I can let it out without any issues, then if I get on throttle hard it will chatter and cause that slipping gear grinding noise. I am waiting on new front sprocket. I am trying to eliminate slowly one part at a time to try and get it right. Chain is good. Was advised to check Clutch basket for grooving???
  2. JUST RECENTLY GOT A 05 DRZ400, it was running great. went to go up a small incline following my son on a TTR 125 and I throttled up as I started the incline, then I heard a clanking noise as the bike didnt pul and kinda slipped, and then I got out of throttle and stabbed it again and its slipped and made the same noise.(nasty sounding noise I might add) I got up hill on flat and shifting through the rest of gears was fine. At home curious as to what happened, so I went for ride, in first gear again I stabbed throttle on pavement and same noise. I checked the rest of the gears and again no problem. i even clutched up a wheelie in second and third with no problem. Just in first gear a clanking maybe slipping noise only when it has hard pressure from throttle. Any ideas as to whats wrong or anything I should check would be much appreciated. thanks guys awesome forum....