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  1. looking to upgrade the Mikuni to the keihin anyone have a posts or instructions on how to? thanks
  2. would anyone be interested in some engine parts? have a decent jug, trans is tore down, mainly just motor parts just ask
  3. I was looking in the Clymer manual and they are different I'm guessing. The number of clutch plates are different. The ratios for all the gears are different little things like that
  4. Will a 97 125 trans fit a 93 cr250 ? I know dumb question
  5. Iv been building a 93 for a few now and can't wait to ride it !!! But there's plenty of parts on ebay. Maybe dig into it a little look at the oil see if it shows metal? Pop the head off look at the cylinder. Definitely when running right is no pig
  6. Forgot to mention that the air is coming out around the splines
  7. I'm pressure testing the case and found a leak in the primary gear and bushing. Iv replaced both seal and bushing and still have a leak. I've installed it per the severe manual. I don't belive it should have a slow leak but I could be wrong. Anyone have any ideas ? Thanks honda dudes !!!
  8. thanks so much for your input and knowledge !!! greatly appreciated, both bike look great btw
  9. looking at on 08 250 Bikes in nice shape "been sitting for 6th months" been asking the seller questions as far as maintenance done, major work done in past, etc. an issue im not to sure about is I asked about title work, the owner said they didn't have one but did have a bill of sale? should I be worried about this? and what are some things to look for in this year and what would be a good price for the bike? owners asking 3000 seems high when NADA has the bike at 2300 is that fair ? thanks
  10. well I feel its in my carb ... but a leak down test is a good idea, its a wasco crank and whatever comes in that kit for gaskets and a company I cant member but there known for there cylinder work, that's all they do I guess lol but it looks great
  11. new crank!!! new gaskets
  12. UPDATE got parts in " new valves, bearing in power valve' got bike assembled back to running stage, did notice the hard knock has gone away but still comes back, bike is running very rich and having a hella hard time tuning it I bought some of that ready to run pre mix's 92 octane at 50;1 ratio, I can get the bike to run almost normal but about ten mins of running steady it just ramps up to a high rpm's almost a full throttle like , but never comes back down, it appears the power valve is working via what the manual says ........ any help ?
  13. ooo ok !!! if it was 50/50 oil and gas then I would see my problem !!!! but no mixing 32:1 using 91 but iv been trying to get a video of it running but its being a pain !!!! but im waiting on parts so kinda at a stand still tell then, but the re-plate is kinda a way to not sleeve the head in a way just a hard coating done as a liner but they warrantee the work so will see but thanks for the help so far
  14. 91 and Maxima Castor 927 2-Stroke Oil but I understand that but this is definitely not a good sound much louder then just a little rattle, and ya had the cylinder replated , and as far as timeing, I messed with it right before I took the head off and no difference
  15. mix 50/50 of 91 I did this back when I first got it running and I believe its a forged piston and and running the same gas