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    KTM Timing Chain "disaster?".

    I agree. my guess is that this was done by a novice and i'm paying for it. my repair shop owner has commented several times about how they "must" do engine rebuilds right and very carefully. the tolerances are very tight and the engine must be kept immaculate and clean and well lubricated inside. He is telling me without me prompting him that this is a meticulous job...he seems to get it and has been doing this for years. i'm pretty confident he will do this right. he's saying all the right things and seems to be the "go to" place for a lot of good riders in the area. I've done all i can do really. just have to wait now. I gave him an "out" of sorts by asking him if he felt like this bike was maybe a bit of a lemon and i should cut my losses after he's done with it and just sell it and he said, nope, you should be good and you will know exactly what you have now. i think he's good to his word.
  2. tomk6516

    KTM Timing Chain "disaster?".

    I think you nailed. I have the receipt for parts and the previous owner did a rebuild to include a crank (don't remember the brand but my repair guy said it was a really good one) and stator and piston and some other things. $1200 in parts alone. the labor was only $220 to replate (??) the head or something. the guy who is doing the work now s really good so i'm confident it will be done well this time...just sucks for me and you never know when you buy used. on the bright side, now we know what we will have.
  3. tomk6516

    KTM Timing Chain "disaster?".

    I didn't blame the guy, i mere told the story that had unfolded up until the point of the post. I wanted opinions prior to the discussion with him in the event it was the cam chain. I was merely looking to make myself more knowlegable.
  4. tomk6516

    KTM Timing Chain "disaster?".

    Does anyone have any experience or thoughts on the Dirt Tricks Tensioner? http://dirttricks.com/product-category/chain-tensioner
  5. tomk6516

    KTM Timing Chain "disaster?".

    Well, the update is....I went to the repair shop and watched as they took the cover off the head and I personally got a look. The cam chain didn't fail. it was fine, the manually tensioner seems to be ok. It appears that the connecting rod bearings failed and the piston hit the spark plug as evidenced by the damage to the plug. The engine is jammed up, can't even manually crank it. Can't get a camera down far enough to see anything. its a total tear down to determine the degree of damage and repair what needs repaired/replaced. this engine top end was rebuilt in late May 2014 along with a new crank shaft. I can't really tell by the receipts exactly how extensive the bottom end was redone. it was a $1500 repair. I just can't believe this engine can only hold up this long. I would have expected more life. Most of 2015, this bike sat because the owner got busted up bad in a crash ( on a diff bike). Pretty disappointed, doesn't leave a good taste in my mouth regarding KTM.
  6. Hi. I tried searching but with little luck in finding the answer my brain is looking for. I have little concrete information at this point with respect to the severity of the damage, but here is the story. About a month ago i was speaking to a guy who was putting new fork seals in my sons 2011 KTM 250sx-f and he was stating that he could hear a slight timing chain noise in the bike. he suggested we have it looked at so we took it to our local repair shop and they concurred that is sounded like slight timing chain rattle however, to be sure they would also checked the that the pistons were within tolerance to ensure it was a timing chain noise. (pistons perfect) he wasn't a fan of automatic tensioners because he said they could fail, and couldn't find a manual one for this bike anywhere "he said" in the USA so in looking at the diagrams of the tensioner he determined he could fabricate one so he did. He didn't ask me if I wanted a home made tensioner, just put it in and when i picked up the bike he convinced me that it was good and better than automatic tensioners and "all the pro's use manual tensioners". I should say i've used this guy for other minor repairs and he has always been a stand up guy and seemed pretty knowledgeable and is usually pretty busy. Long story short, 3 weeks later, my son lands a double and is heading into a turn and he hears what he describes as the chain coming off the bike, it dies immediately and the back tire locks up and he comes to a sliding stop. He looks down and the chain is on and is puzzled so he attempts to kick start the bike and the kick starter won't budge. froze up like the Alaskan wilderness in mid February! I don't want to put words in anybodies mouth here, so if you would please respond as to your assessment of the situation and your thoughts of how i should address this with my repair shop? Thanks Tom