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    2002honda cr250r problems

    How much would it be about to go to a shop and get this fixed? Yes I'm in north Texas but the bike was in Waco and went down there to get it.
  2. Zaya756

    2002honda cr250r problems

    I just bought the bike for very cheap and I guess this is why. It starts up east and sounded good when it was running seemed like everything was working very good. Went on a few couple hour rides with no problems. I decided I would change the gear oil but when I undid the drain plug absolutely nothing came out. I fed some oil thru hopeing to clean it out a little. The brand new oil came out completely black. I filled it up to till it leaked out of the overfill port. Now when I start it up it smokes very very bad almost like a fire extinguisher. Still starts up 1st kick tho and can still ride it. Not very experienced at all about bikes. What could be the problem?? Is it a crank seal?